Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Review : Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses : Picture this. Your an ordinary guy working in an work place environment and you're boss is insufferable to be around. So what do you do? You team up with your friends and hatch up a scheme to get rid of your Horrible Boss.

First of all I would like to start by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR! And here's hoping that 2015 will bring us some good films to endeavour into.

Now back to the first film review of 2015 and a film I have watched recently 'Horrible Bosses'. A film which is about three friends who like their jobs but hate their bosses and each of the friends boss has a something about their personality which makes them not an insufferable person to be around.

Kevin Spacey is vindictive and takes pride in being a high powered person with a good job, nice car, nice house, beautiful wife to show for his lifetime of big headedness and ignorance. And he's got all these nice things and doesn't deserve any of them.

Jennifer Aniston is a woman on a mission, a dentist who is trying in her best efforts to seduce her assistant and she will go to extreme lengths to get what she wants, she resorts to black mail and is devious, she uses her body and good looks as a weapon for her own needs.

Colin Farrell is just an arsehole. Plain and simple, His character is an arsehole. Not him personally.

So those are the three bosses, and the reasons why the three main characters find them to be the worst nightmare for them. I'm sure that you've been one of those people who have sat around fantasising about how you could dispose of your boss but never actually do it. Well these guys actually go out and do it.

I think viewers whilst watching this film will understand that this funny but raunchy comedy earns its 15 rating with scenes that include violence, heavy sexual innuendo, drug use and almost constant foul language. Plus, I should point out that one of the films villains has a cocaine problem, and one of the main characters are seen getting high as well as drinking. 

Putting those merits of serious consideration aside, it's all part of the drama and very influential to viewers and just why you shouldn't do that, plus the three regulars get up to a lot of hilarious things and embarrassing endeavours when they try to kill their bosses and making it look like it was an accident so they don't get implemented in anything.

Here's a clip.

Is the film much good? I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to. It wasn't one of the best films I've seen. I wouldn't highly rate amongst other, better films I've seen. However it's a very enjoyable, playful comedy about three gentlemen who are likeable characters getting up to something you'd never see other people do, to extreme lengths. 

The Director 'Seth Gordon' has a good sense to simply step aside here, letting his cast laugh around and bounce off of one another like so many rubber balls. Each character finds a nice niche and runs with it: Bateman plays the straight man, Day is the "dumb one," and Sudeikis finds a nice middle ground. 
The villains 'The Bosses' are clearly having a terrific time, too; Aniston is at the top of her game, and Spacey is on familiar territory. Only Farrell seems to be trying something new in this film with broad comedy, and it fits him well.
The Film especially contains a cathartic for today's luckless job-seekers, the films humor is highly raunchy, but it has enough inventively playful moments between characters to make the drama memorable as you watch it, you can laugh, get caught up in events very easily, your do get enticed into the fun of it and that to me is very interesting. It's something very unique and something we probably won't get in a film for a long time to come. Expect many genuine belly laughs, rather than just the usual surprised chuckles. 7/10
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