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Review - Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits : After both going through two heart breaking break ups, two friends Dylan and Jamie decide enough is enough. After watching the clichés of romantic comedy movie Dylan suggests to Jamie about adding the act of sex to their friendship could help out their problems. but as it turns out matters lead to complications.

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Welcome to the newest film review by Dr.Film, which is 'Friends with Benifits' romantic comedy starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. This is a romantic comedy; with not so much of the usual clichés you'd expect to find in a romantic comedy.

SPOILER ALERT: As I talk about this film, there will be a few spoilers revealed, so if your one of those people who doesn't like spoilers, you may want to turn away now.

This film came out in America on the 22nd of July 2011 and came to the UK's attention on the 9th of September 2011.

The Storyline is about a friendship that turns into a relationship at the end, the characters entail the lives of Jamie (Mila Kunis) who is a New York head-hunter trying to sign Los Angeles-based Dylan Harper (Justin Timberlake) for her client.

He takes the job with all seriousness and makes the move, they quickly become friends. But their friendship very quickly turns into a friendship with benefits, After watching a Romantic comedy Dylan suggests to Jamie it would be a good idea to have sex, and only sex. However Jamie has a history of being emotionally damaged in the past with boys she's dated and Dylan has a history of being emotionally unavailable, so they both have to try to not fall for each other, in the way of a Hollywood romantic comedy.

They manage to experiment with Dylan's idea, and they both still manage to remain friends when Jamie wishes it to stop. Jamie then decides to get back out into the world of dating, and true love with confidence only to have her confidence crushed when the guy she's with lets her down.

Dylan then suggests to Jamie to accompany him to Los Angeles, to meet his family for the 4th of July celebrations, but after over hearing what Dylan truly feels about Jamie, Jamie is left disappointed and let down with her friend. It is then Dylan has time to step back and realise the importance of Jamie, and how much of an influence she is to him in his life. Dylan then manages to make up for what he said, and gets his best friend back.

The moral line or quote from 'Friends with Benifits' is 'It's not who you want to spend your Friday night with, It's who you want to spend all day Saturday with' I think that quote pretty much sums up the film in general for me, and for how things stick out in the real world, it's that sensitivity of relationships that I like about this film, which is really good.

I think that this film is something new, and it adds some variety to the form of Hollywood romantic comedies. and the people making it know it's a comedy and their playing for laughs. and sometimes the laughs are there, sometimes they're not.

I thought the sex scenes, where crafty and very well directed. it's good that the actors have confidence in themselves, about being naked on screen.

I just thought, it was a very feel good film. with a lot of hit and miss gags. the acting was pretty good too, some of the cast where hit and miss for me too. but I thought that the connections between Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, worked splendidly. I liked the way they showed their frames of status, two friends who you never thought would fall in love, actually do fall in love. it's the unexpected stuff in love to me that's makes a relationship special.

I thought Justin Timberlake as 'Dylan Harper' was really good, I think he's a good stable actor, and should do more acting as he's very good.

I thought Mila Kunis as 'Jamie' was also very good, very much on par to Justin Timberlake. having said that I thought she was great.

The director Will Gluck was very precice in communicating what he wanted, in showing the identity of relationships; and his understanding of directing. I was very pleased that he didn't under do it, he did a romantic comedy such as this, it they way it should be done. with no strings attached.

In a nutshell 'Friends with Benifits' is good. very much hit and miss with the humour and the acting, but the direction is precice and you won't be disapointed with the two leading roles.

I'm giving this film a 6.5/10

1 gold star to Justin Timberlake
1 gold star to Mila Kunis

Thank you for reading this review, I hope it has made you want to go on and watch the film.

My next review is going to be 'Kick-Ass' superhero film with a twist. I will post that review on Wednesday the 5th of June 2013.

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