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Review - Looper

Looper - The year is 2074, In the future when the mob wants to get rid of someone, the target is sent thirty years into the past, where a hired gunman awaits. this gunman is called 'a Looper' who is paid fasts amounts of money to kill, Joe is one of the mobs youngest Loopers, and when he learns the secrets of his job and that someone in the future is starting to close the loops, Joe's older self goes back in time to change the past.

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Welcome to the newest Dr Film, Film review, in today's review I will be talking about Looper, a sci-fi action thriller starring Bruce Willis,  Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt. It was written and directed by Rian Johnson.

This film was released in the UK and the US on the 28th of September 2012.

SPOILER ALERT: As I say before I begin all my reviews, theres going to be spoilers. If you haven't seen the film and you don't want it to be spoiled. you may want to turn away now.

The imaginative ideas, and the variety that this film has to offer is what makes it stand out, I love the concept, I think it's very clever and very unique and it conspires on so many levels, this film is almost like a piece of elastic - you can keep stretching it. because the plot is a never ending story, and it conspires of a lot of back stories to several characters that can easily carry it on.

The Storyline of 'Looper' is set in the future, the year is 2044, Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a young man working for a group of killers known as "Loopers" whose job is to work for the mob and kill off people who are sent back in time, blindfolded  from the year 2074 by their bosses in the future. In order to prevent the 'Loopers' being traced back to the mob bosses, They send there future selves back in time blindfolded and their younger selves kill them like any other job, only to get a golden pay day. When Joe comes face to face with himself he hesitates resulting in the escape of his older self.

But Older Joe (Bruce Willis) is on a mission of his own, to prevent the destruction of his life in the future by killing a young boy who would grow up to become what he known in the future as 'The Rain Maker' and the Rian Maker is closing all the loops.

When younger Joe becomes an outcast, he then is turned onto a mission of his own to prevent his older self from killing this young boy, who would become the rain maker. so much so that he kills himself to keep Emily Blunt's character and her child safe.

As a story, there's loads of back stories that could keep the story going forever. It's mainly about a mother's protection over her son, the desperation and the anger of a man who grieves over the loss of his wife, a young punk who thinks he owns the streets because he works for the mob. It's based around three characters and all of them have a different back story and importance to the story as well, without one of those three characters the story would not work.

The settings are very futuristic and atmospheric, and quite graphic as well, I considered some settings to be graphically toned in order to impressionise the mood of darkness and glumness.

Performance wise, I thought Joseph Gordon-Levitt as young Joe was great, but then again Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a fantastic actor, so one could expect no less, he really showed a sense of realism to the character he was playing and played things dead straight and how they were.

Bruce Willis was fantastic, Bruce Willis of course is established for doing heavy action sequences, he's a great action man, quick on his feet and I couldn't fault his performance, there wasn't a moment in his performance that wasn't trufual, you can tell that Bruce really did invest in the script and made the character of old Joe real, which is a man who will stop at nothing to get revenge against the young boy who killed his wife.

Emily Blunt, was also delivered a very strong performance, she too stayed true to the character that was written on paper, I really admired her enthusiasm to what she did, in terms of her body language, her expressions, her mannerisms. It was believable to me.

The Script was excellent, every word of dialogue was current, and was original. Rian Johnson did a brilliant job of writing the script and bringing it to the screen, it's no easy task to write your own words, hire the actors who you trust to deliver your words to justice, and direct them as well, and to get a big movie star like 'Bruce Willis' is an achievement in itself.

In a nutshell 'Looper' is has some brilliant concepts and ideas, it's built up atmospherically and was brought to justice by a really good sci-fi writer and director. It just shows that good sci-fi writers they do exist. and they definitely existed in 'Looper'

I am giving 'Looper' an 8/10

1 Gold Star to Bruce Willis
1 Gold Star to Joseph Gordon-Levitt
1 Gold Star to Emily Blunt

1 Platinum Star to Rian Johnson

Thank You for reading this review.

My next review is going to be 'Gangster Squad' a film based of a true story. starring Josh Brolin, Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling and directed by Ruben Fleischer. I will post my thoughts on that film on Saturday the 8th of June 2013.

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