Thursday, 12 September 2013

Review : Max Payne

Max Payne :  One man, with only revenge on his mind. One Woman, looking to avenge the death of her sister. Both must combine together, in order to uncover a conspiracy. One of which could result in deadly catastrophes.

Hey Everyone

Welcome to my latest review. Today I'll be reviewing Max Payne, a film based off the popular video game.

Before I begin this review, I haven't played the game. So my knowledge of Max Payne, only comes from the film.

Overall, I thought it was an okay film. I didn't think it was a terrible film, which is a good thing. However it did drag out a bit. Which I will go into more detail as the review goes on.

I'll quickly go through the storyline :  The film tells the story of once upon a time, three years ago, NYPD detective inspector - Max Payne's wife and baby were brutally murdered. Max has been left bereaved since. He gets himself transferred to the cold case office, where he can continue searching for the killer who got away. Max's character of course, is led for us to believe as a loner - someone who goes about his business solo.

However it is when two people reach out to him during a fateful week: Alex, his ex-partner who may have found a clue in the case, and BB, the security chief at the pharmaceutical company where Max's wife worked.

Meanwhile, the bodies are slowly piling up, as a result of a new drug on the street that is unknown and also highly addictive and, for many who take it, brings hideous hallucinations upon them. When one of the bodies is a woman Payne was the last to see alive, her sister comes looking for him armed to the teeth, the two then get caught up in what is lead to be a deadly conspiracy.

Here's a clip from the film.

Overall if I was to some up Max Payne in one sentence it would be "Not bad, just okay." And I stand by that, I was very keen on watching it though, because I was impressed with the cast, people like Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis, both performers I enjoy immensely, when someone you like is in a film, you have confidence in them, that they are going to deliver and help you enjoy the film.

Mark Wahlberg did that for me. Max Payne was a great opportunity for him, to show a new side to his career, that he can play tough guys who are quite cold in their presence. The way Mark rose to the challenges of his character, I think he pulled them off really well.

Mila Kunis, good. But she didn't do enough. I wished she got alot more scene time. But it didn't happen, so sadly I saw less of her than I expected, however what I did see of her character 'Mona Sax' was great. It gave Kunis, a chance to brush up on her Russian. She speaks Russian in the film, Her character was equally as interesting as Max Payne. And again, it just goes to prove that Mila Kunis, can act the sassy hard case in a film, and very well.

The effects - visual effect such as what is seen above, are really good. They are authentic effects, really give off an impact and work well in the film. I'm sure it ties in with the context of the game. Overall I was pleased with the effects in this film.

My only major problem with this film, is the pacing of it. I got the impression that things aren't progressing as quickly as it should. This film does drag, which is a fair warning to those who wish to go on and watch it. Progression in terms of course of events, are a bit hazy and confusing, I found myself, having to watch this a few times in order to get everything out it.

But let it not be said that 'Max Payne' is a terrible movie. It isn't. It's actually ok. I think it's all right. It's just a bit slow and doesn't show enough of Mila Kunis.

Max Payne, I think should be worth a 6/10.

Thank you for reading this review.

NEXT TIME : I will review 'Flight' starring Denzel Washington.

I will post that review on Friday the 13th of September 2013.

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