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Review : Paul

Paul : An Alien who is a fugitive on earth, is trying to get back to his home planet. It is only when he encounters two young guys out on a road trip together, that he learns and values the friendship he gets from meeting them.

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Welcome to a new review, by me Dr Film. Today I shall be reviewing Greg Mottola's 'Paul'. Which is written by the double act of 'Simon Pegg' and 'Nick Frost'. It's essentially a mickey take of ET, You have an Alien who is obnoxious, rude and unpleasant, but beneath of all of that is an innocent fugitive, trying to get back to his home planet.

Seth Rogen provides the voice of 'Paul' the alien. The alien itself is all CGI, which is very effective and authentic and overall very well animated into the film. You can easily identify that the voice is Seth Rogen's the two things come hand in hand.

Pegg and Frost themselves play two nerds, shall we say who take a trip to San Diego Comic Con, to meet an idol of there's, but also to take a road trip. They're part in the story is written very well, I liked the dynamics between the two characters, how they are two very good friends, shows off Pegg and Frosts real friendships in real life.

Their interaction to meeting 'Paul' is interesting and comically hilarious, and one might say typical reaction in the case of one making a first alien encounter. As the film progresses the two main characters interaction with Paul changes, they come to grow found of him, and actually become friends with him, shows good character development, intellectual relationships and common establishment within the way we humans interact with one another in a calm and constructive way, so in that sense of the word it was great.

Here's a clip from the film.

I think I have to say this film suffers from the same problems as Seth McFarlane's film 'Ted' for those of you who haven't read my 'Ted' review, it's up on the blog under 'May'. But the main problems I had with 'Ted' was that - some scenes could of been cut down. the balance wasn't quite right. there was either too much character development, or not enough character development.

Paul is the same on how I felt about character development. If I know too much about a character then it puts me off wanting to know them. If I don't know enough about a character, I will sit there and go 'what is their role in the film'. So some pieces in the film were hard for me to understand. When I watch it back I still don't get some of the character involvement - which is a pity considering Pegg and Frost's characters are the best in the whole thing - if had just been them two, and Seth Rogen being Paul, I'd of loved it.

The Trailer was a problem, because some of the interesting jokes were revealed in it. So when it comes to watching the film, hardly anyone in the audience will find it funny because they've heard the joke before. That's Comedy's biggest problem - It gives the game away.

But let it not be said that 'Paul' is a bad film. It isn't but it has it's flaws. I hate to say it but I noticed two or three memory cheats in this, problems of which I'm sure were down to the director, however I can't be certain of that, but there were a few memory cheats in this film, which were very noticeable and bothered me.

The humour in 'Paul' is very current. It flows really well and sometimes the laughs are there, and sometimes there not. But when they are there, the film accomplishes a successful laugh from the audience which always is an encouraging thing.

Overall what do I think of 'Paul' - It isn't Pegg and Frost's greatest film. But it isn't one of their worst.


Thanks for reading this review guys, I hope you enjoyed it.

NEXT TIME : I will review 'Taken 2' the sequel to 'Taken' - obviously. I'll post that review on Friday the 20th of September 2013.

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