Friday, 6 September 2013

Review : Over Her Dead Body

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Welcome to my newest film review, I'll be reviewing 'Over her dead body' today. Another meledromatic comedy, this time it focusses on breavement, and moving on after the loss of a loved one.

It stars Eva Longoria and Paul Rudd, in the leading rolls, and basically the two play a couple - Hnery and Kate. Who are about to get married, only on their wedding day, the bride gets crushed by a falling statue, leaving her fieance depressed.

In order to help him get over it, one of his friends suggests that he sees a female physic called Ashley. Which helps out a lot.

So much so that both the man and the physic start to form a relationship; however when the ghost of Henry's dead fieance - Kate comes back, she haunts Ashley to stay away from her man.

As you can tell, The film sounds rediculous, and in all fairness, it is rediculous. It's just a cheap meledromatic comedy, which sells itself on the laughter and the jokes, and the main cast are all comedy actors. It does seem kind of silly that your ex who's dead comes back from the grave, and tries to stop her man from moving on, it's kind of over protective.

The film is based off a book by E.C Shedey with the same title. I haven't read the book, so I don't know which bits were influential towards the film. However that being said the film as a film, I thought was quite weak.

Here's a quick clip.

The humour in this film, is pretty weak. It has to be said, with this being a comedy it's success will be on weither it makes you laugh or not. I personally whilst I was watching it, didn't find any joke funny. The director Jeff Lowell, I don't know what he was trying to get across to the audience, whilst he was writing the script. He doesn't really put a stamp on it as the director either, the directing of this, I felt was below par.

I usually tend to watch a film, I have never seen before with a lot of angziaty and excitment of what's going to happen, and to give it credit, the film starts off really well, it's only gets worse as it progresses. It faces the same problem I had with 'Now you see me' - started off good, ended up being below par, not terrible, but not great. And 'Over her dead body' suffers the same problem.

I was only really interested in watching this, because Eva Longoria was it. I know that she's really good. Because I've seen her in Desperate Housewives. So it's just basic instinct if an actor or actress you like, is in a film or tv show, which is completly alien to you, it gives you confidence into watching it. I belive I fell into a trap, with 'Over her dead body' It didn't cut the mustard for me at all.

Though there are certain effects in which work quite well, Kate's shifting because she's a ghost she can walk through walls, and various other things, thought the shifting effects were impresive, and the techniques required to lift Eva off the ground, or have her hang from a different direction, very well acomplished.

Over than that, it was boring. I had no interest in the plot.

I will give this a 3/10. My lowest score yet, which is a shame.

Thank you for reading this review.

NEXT TIME : My next review, will be 'Max Payne'.

I'll post that review on Thursday the 12th of September 2013. Have a good weekend, everyone.  

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