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Review - Die Hard 3

DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE! - Bruce Willis returns to the roll of John McClane yet again.

McClane and a Pawn shop owner are targeted by German anarchist who calls himself 'Simon' in New York City, where he plans to enjoy emceeing his wrath on McClane, and fulfil his man goal to rob the Cities Federal Reserve Building.

Hey There Film Lovers!

I hope you've had a stress-free weekend. I know I have. Anyway I present to you today my review of 'Die Hard 3' or 'Die Hard with a vengeance' whatever you prefer to call it. This film is a game of two halves really; or more adequately a game of three thirds because this is the third instalment of the Die Hard legacy. As you know das far I loved the first one, second one - I thought was really good, and the fifth I thought was ok. In the case of Die Hard 3, I did go into this film thinking 'okay this might be a bit duff, considering that this is the third film of  what was to become the legacy and films that get a second sequel after it's first - It can really dry things out. Die Hard 3 didn't necessarily do that for me, In actual fact - I loved it!

It was a very good story, very well acted, excellent script - the script was brilliantly written, it was funny and it had action and graphic violence thrown into the mix as well. This film was a chocolate cake, and I loved it.

The Storyline to 'Die Hard 3' is we the audience are coming into a different and more present stage John McClane's life. He is now almost a full-blown alcoholic, he's stopped talking to his wife, and if that wasn't bad enough he's also been suspended from the NYPD.  For what reasons, I can't say because I'm not overly sure that it's mentioned in the film as to why he has been suspended.

Anyway, The film starts off with a bang - quite literally. A bomb goes off in the Bonwit Teller Department Store, and the police department, go insane trying to figure out what's going on. Soon, a man named 'Simon' calls and asks for McClane. Simon goes on to tell Chief Inspector Walter Cobb that McClane is going to play a rather unpleasant game of "Simon Says". I love that aspect of the movie, how the writer of this film can take a child's game and turn that into something quite dark and unpleasant. Plus with the anarchist being called Simon, it only makes sense.

Simon instructs Chief Inspector Cobb to get McClane to go and do a number of tasks he assigns him. If not, he'll blow off another bomb. With the help of a Harlem electrician, John McClane and his new partner must race all over New York, trying to figure out the frustrating puzzles that the crafty anarchist gives him.

Here's a clip.

John McTiernan - who directed the first film, returns to direct this film. Some might say he's lost his touch a little bit. To me that's not the case, he handled matters very well, he contemplated tricky scenarios and drastic shots very well, he created an atmosphere, which is important. 

The cast is so correct, people like Jeremy Irons and Samuel L Jackson. Amazing actors coming along to guest star in this one movie. They do their own thing and play their role they way they want to play it, they do it brilliantly and not only that, they make Bruce look good to.

I ultimately think that a good actor, immediately makes Bruce raise his game. It's as if he knows he has to be level, because these actors he's co-starring with are really good and talented performers.

I think this film highlights significant importance to the character of John McClane; because this film really shows him under pressure. He's a dead beat, he's not talking to his wife, he's lost his job - he's got nothing, then out of nowhere this adventure happens, and he's suddenly back in the game. This film really does show what McClane is like under intense time, he can be scared, angry, witty, funny and a lot of the time - pissed off. 

And in contrast to that is Samuel L Jackson who for me stole the show, his performance was near perfect. You got his character who's reluctant to wanting to be helped by white people, he doesn't want much to do with them. He'd rather not be involved in the investigation in fact his character even says 'I'm not jumping through hoops, for some Phsyco. That's a white man, with white problems, you deal with it.' So his character has an emblem of racism and a little bit of narcissism, that is fascinating. I think had another black actor like 'Denzel Washington' played the role it would of been different. Not better but it would of been different.

The twist is great. As ever in a Die Hard film, there's got to be a little twist to stir things up. And the twist to which I will not reveal, to respect people who don't like spoilers. Really turns what we think the plot to be upside down, and gives us an absolute shocker, where we just go 'I wasn't expecting that'. And I like films that are clever and can unexpectedly surprise you.

The biggest problem with Die Hard 3 for me is the pacing of it. The duration of the story is to long. I did wonder for a 131 minute movie. It's not progressing as quickly as it should. I would of very much preferred it if the film had been a fast paced, intense adventure which would work all into 100 minutes. That would of been much better.

There are loss ends, which are fairly noticeable with this movie the more you watch it, and look at things back.

The 'connecting brothers' sub plot - it worked. And I liked it a lot, but it all sort of underneath everything, there isn't much depth behind it, we're just lead to deal with it, as that's the way the story is going. Would of liked the 'brothers' thing to be more clearer communicated, maybe go into what Simon and Hans were like as brothers, did they got on?, did they not get on? there isn't any indication to that. which is a pity.

McClane is portrayed to be a very bad driver in this film, reckless and stupid. I know car action is a hard thing to come by, good car action - it does exist. But it didn't exist in this film, sadly.

But overall, 'Die Hard 3' is a brilliant movie. Better than 2 but not 1, 1 is the best.  9/10

Thank you for reading this review.

NEXT : Next Time I will finish off my Die Hard reviews with 'Die Hard 4'. I'll let you know what I think of that on Wednesday the 2nd of October 2013.

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