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Review : Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead: as over rated and popular as it is, I still have good feelings towards it.

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In today's Dr Film review,  I will talk about 'Shaun of the Dead'. A film directed by Edgar Wright which is a romantic comedy with zombie's thrown in it.

This film does dare to go beyond the normal boundaries of a zombie movie, usually zombie movies are over dramatised and horrific. This occasion zombies are portrayed to be comedic and idiotic, so much so that they can get bashed and battered so easily. It's almost too simplistic.

Pegg and Frost star in this film together, Pegg plays the supporting character, who's trying hard to piece his life together. However his character is being held back by Nick Frost's character, who is the slacker. stay at home - doesn't do much kind of guy.

Basically one morning, Shaun and friend Ed wake up to realise, the world has been taken over by zombie's and suddenly it's become a survival story. The audience get dragged into wanting know how these characters are going to get out of this drastic crises. Unfortunately it doesn't end well for most of them.

Over the years this film has been critised as being over rated, and I'd believe that to be true. It is certainly a heavily praised film, to which people can stick on and enjoy it, for being what it is, which is a melodramatic romantic comedy.

My biggest problem with Shaun of the Dead is the drastic measures of it. This film gets too much in your face with the disasters of what happens. Some of the things that happen to people in this are quite graphic, gory and horrible. There is a scene where the viewer experiences a man getting ripped apart. for me, having to see that was unpleasant. like with 'World's End' this film does hit you in the face quite hard, with the disasters of what happens. It goes from being happy and jokey to the viewer feeling quite depressed and sad so unexpectedly. I don't really approve of that so much on terms of storytelling.

I'll admit that this film does go over the top, in it's action sequences. the fight scenes in this, are sharp witted and quick to detail so that the viewer can stay alert to what's going on. I personally think, when over crowded by zombies, there's too much stuff going on. Which is disappointing as the events leading up to those moments are good.

What's also interesting about this, is the surrounding characters which by the way are going through this disaster, can joke about what's going on. A zombie apocalypse is a very serious danger. Yet it's appreciate to joke in situations where they're not being attacked. I've always found that interesting, how the characters can joke about whats going on around them. It shows to me, that there either idiots or just having a laugh for the sake of it. to me that is very strange.

Anyway, here's a quick clip from 'Shaun of the Dead'.

This film is very well cut. Edgar Wright does a brilliant job. He did it on this, Hot Fuzz and on World's End. He knows his stuff, The script is debatably good. Simon Pegg as ever fantastic, same goes for Nick Frost he too is really good.

This film does stick to the original British traditions, of going down the pub, and the corner shop it adds a nice touch and gives off culture to the time it's set - the present day.

Another good thing about this film, is the impression it gives off of how the disaster of the zombie invasion effects the outside world, particularly at the end of the film, when it's on the news. It is very unusual and comedic.

Bloody violence in this, there is quite a bit. the bloody horror is quite assertive yet works well in the film. So if it works I can't complain.

This film for me, it has it's flaws. As every film does. It's over rated but still enjoyable. - 7/10.

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