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Review : Die Hard 2

DIE HARD 2  - The ongoing sequel to Die Hard, which extends the Legacy; and continues the story by having John McClane embark on another very dangerous mission. This time McClane must tackle a group of terrorists, who have taken control of air traffic control and have power over the planes trapped in the sky. One of which has McClane's wife Holly on board. For John McClane - the race is on!

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Welcome to yet another Dr Film review. In today's review, I will talk about what I love and hate about Die Hard 2. The daring sequel to Die Hard which has captivated thousands of viewers, over its time when and after it was released on the big screen.

John McClane is back, which means also Bruce Willis has returned to the roll. Judging by the success of the first film, I'm sure the production team, had it in there heads, that a demand for a sequel would be a considerable option. Anyway the audience has a new story, new villains, new surrounding environment,  new dangers and disasters, and not to mention more explosions.

After being regarded a hero of the Nakatomi Hostage Crisis, attempts to avert disaster still baffle NYPD officer John McClane. As this time rogue military officials seize control, of Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C.

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Now speaking as a Die Hard fan, I think I can say that many people, myself included do not think that Die Hard 2 even managed to reach the expectations, we were hoping for it to achieve. I mean to be perfectly honest I will always think 1 is the best. And no amount of mind blowing effects or invigorating acting will change that. Die Hard 2 is no where near as good as Die Hard. Die Hard 1 has something which really alerts it's audience into wanting to watch it. the stakes are high, there is a siege heist going on and it's all up to one man to save them.

With Die Hard 2, all that dramatic tension, is all of a sudden taken away, and McClane finds himself surrounded by idiots. Idiots who tend to panic in moments of serious life threatening situations rather than staying focused to what's going on in the scene. It just shows that the villains are out witting them and succeeding too easily. It is such a terrible shame that all the tense dramatic emphasis is gone. This film doesn't give off any power or presence. The first Die Hard did. not this one, it just didn't do anything for me.

Having said that the effects in this film, are excellent. The production blew up three planes. how cool is that, for a film of the 90's that is amazing. Nowadays one is used to the odd CGI explosion of a plane, but in the case of Die Hard 2, you are presented with effects which are very visual, and can fool the eye of a kean viewer more convincingly, than say a Transformers movie for instance. So overall fab effects, really great work.

Action sequences, a little below par. I'd say hit and miss on that behalf. There is one scene however when McClane takes on two men with guns in the baggage processing part of the airport and wins, which I think is a good fight scene. However other fights that McClane gets into don't seem to be as dramatically gripping or intense, which is a pity considering that the audience are reassured that McClane will come through anyway.

The villains in this, there good for this story. They work brilliantly, they show power and authority. all of which is mainly communicated by William Salder as Col. Stuart. Now Col Stuart is no Hans Gruber but he is a man to be reckoned with. He's a no mess about sort of guy, he gives of a presence of 'mess with me, and your going to wish you hadn't'. I like that. It makes the character threatening. 

Nice twist in this film, which I won't reveal in the event of people reading this who haven't seen the film, and would like to without it being spoiled. But I had to watch the film again, in order for it to click. Usually when I watch a film the first time around, not much goes in, but it's only when I watch it after the first time, I learn more from it. And trust me, once you get the twist in Die Hard 2, it will make you unsimpovise with characters you start off believing are the good guys.

The director Renny Harlin had some big challenges on his head, with Die Hard 2. He had to adapt to a script based off a novel Walter Wager's novel "58 Minutes". He had to present John McClane in a new way but not so much that he shies away from the tactical action man he was in the first film. He had to try and make this film bigger and better than the first one - unfortunately in my opinion, I think he failed because my sense of taste was more into the first film than the second. All the other things he did brilliantly, but that last one, I can only apologise and say 'the first one will always be better'.

So that's all for now folks. In an overall approach to Die Hard 2, looking back on it - I think this film is really good. 8/10.

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NEXT TIME : I will finish this month off with the third instalment of the Die Hard Legacy 'Die Hard 3' or 'Die Hard with a Vengence' whatever you prefer to call it. - I will post that review on Monday the 30th of September 2013.

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