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Review : Mrs Doubtfire

Mrs Doubtfire : Whilst going through a devorse, in order to put his family back together, Daniel Hillard - an eccentric actor, needed a job. When he discovers that his ex wife is placing an advertisement for a house keeper, he seizes a rather extraordinary opportunity.

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Welcome to my next Dr.Film review; in today's review, I will be talking about 'Mrs Doubtfire'. A comedy starring Robin Williams, Sally Field and Peirce Brosnan as the main stars.

Mrs Doubtfire, is a often refered to as being a heavily praised film, one of which families have grown to adore over the years, and the beauty of 'Mrs Doubtfire' is you can watch it now, and it's still funny, it will still surprise you. I used to watch this film as a child, and I've always really liked it. Nowadays, I can get the more adult humour that I didn't get back when I was 9 or 10.

The film was released back in 1993, and directed by Chris Columbus. Chris Columbus directed various other films such as 'Home Alone' and the first two 'Harry Potter' films. So as you can tell, I am familiar with his directing techniques.

The storyline of 'Mrs Doubtfire' tells the audience, the story of the events after a bitter divorce, In which an actor and father, decides to disguise himself as a female housekeeper, to spend time with his children held in custody by his former wife.

Here's a clip from Mrs Doubtfire.

This film is incredibly funny. The writers of this film are very persistent, and clever in communicating certain aspects of humour in the film. And the brilliance of it is the fact that it's so separate, you got the children's humour and you got adult humour, which are both very separate pieces and are identified separately, but both flow together in the film very well.

You got your humour for children, and your humour for adults. Certain bits of the film do take their time, it is a bit slow. But that isn't a problem, it just means that the story is just taking it's time as it develops.

The actors do a really do a good job, especially in moments when their acting a serious scene. Both Sally Field and Robin Williams both are good at doing those sorts of scenes, as an example, there's a scene in the film where Mrs Doubtfire and Sally Field's character sit down to have a cup of tea, they both perform a very sentimental scene, in which you really feel every emotion, very good acting.

I think that this film was immensely well cast, and I like the cast. I like the script, I think that this film really cements what a family film is meant to entail, it represents how a family can get caught up in the context of the plot, as well as that deals with family issues, which people can relate to.

I think Mrs Doubtfire, is a very good film.

I will give it a very good 8/10.

Thank you for reading this review.

NEXT TIME : I'll review 'Over her dead body' another comedy, this time starring Eva Longoria and Paul Rudd, which deals with the bereavement over the loss of a loved one. I'll post that review on Friday the 6th of September 2013.

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