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Review : Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter : Year Four - The Goblet of Fire - Harry unexpectedly finds himself selected to compete as an under aged player in a dangerous multi-wizardry school competition, It is there that Harry witnesses the resurrection of the greatest dark saucer of all time. 

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Welcome to my next film review. I'm continuing with the Harry Potter reviews and today's review I'm going to be talking about 'The Goblet of Fire' released back in 2005. It is the fourth instalment in the Harry Potter chronicles.

Now speaking as a fan of the movies, this one truly is a visual spectacular. Before I saw the film, I had never read the book, so my understanding as to what this story was about was a bit hazy to say the least. However seeing is believing and I watched this film with all sincerity and enjoyment. I liked it a lot.

This time around, Hogwarts is joined by two other schools, and the three schools combine because Hogwarts has been selected to host a fantastical event, the Tri-wizard tournament. The tournament of course consists of three players - one from each school to compete in three deadly tasks. By winning a challenge the winning contestant, will receive an advantage in the next challenge. In the final the one who wins is promised eternal Glory. For the safety of those under-age a law has was put down that no one under the 17 could be allowed to put their name forward as a nominee. But it is a surprise to everyone, including Harry himself, when he unexpectedly becomes a contender.

So as you can tell, the danger couldn't be more sever for Harry himself, as he has no choice but to compete. Harry's first objective to do battle with one of the most fearsome creatures in the magical world, a dragon. I thought the dragon itself looked amazing, obviously when creating a fantasy drama, with a dragon included one has to make a convincing dragon for the audience to believe in. I was very sceptical about the production being able to pull off the effects of creating a convincing dragon, I think they did very well. I thought what we saw of the dragon was really good, just didn't see much as I hoped.

Still lovely authentic CGI effects on the dragon, at some places of shot the dragon was a little bit animated in it's movement, which took away some the fear factor of it. However it's presence was atmospheric and the creature was threatening and fierce.

 The second task in the black lake with the mermaids, that was very sinister and creepy. The merpeople themselves are very vicious and hostile, the way they threaten Harry is really intense and nerve racking, so in the sense of giving the audience a thrill, the task was accomplished very well.

Then finally you have the final task set in the maze, and the maze itself is a fantastic idea. How it can mess with people's minds and logic of thinking, it really proves to be a life threatening challenge and a battle of wits amongst everything else.

Now despite the dark, hard hitting moments in the plot of Goblet of Fire, there is some nice comical moment and lovely sensitive heart warming moments, which in turn complement each other as the film goes on.

Hermione is great in this film, I think this is the first film that I noticed Emma Watson really starting to flourish to her role, and she really seizes this, every sense of emotion and depth and feeling, Emma herself looked gorgeous in the pink dress that she wears for the ball scene. It was a pretty decent performance.

This is also the film that we - the audience witness the return of Lord Voldemort. This return of course really puts us - the audience on edge and grabs our attention. The scene also concludes with big climatic fight scene between Harry and Voldemort, In which a new darker threat is imposed upon the magic world as far as Harry knows it.

So a dark, spine -chilling yet laugh, happy story ends on a sour note, and leaves the audience very upset and grieving for the loss of a character.

In a nutshell, It's not a bad film, there are some brilliant surprises and effects but nothing that the previous three didn't offer. having said that, you do get something different with 'Goblet of Fire' and you enjoy it as well as the others.

I'll give it a 7/10

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