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Review : Red

RED : Retired and Extremely Dangerous. When former black - ops agent Frank Moses has his peaceful life of retirement, threatened by a high-tech assassin, Frank reassembles his old team to come out of retirement, for one last job; in an effort to survive and uncover his assailants.

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I trust you all had a nice weekend, Welcome to my next Dr Film review, which is RED starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirrin. Directed by Robert Schwentke who directed other movies such as "The Time Traveller's Wife" and "Flight Plan".

The film was released back in 2010. Had a budget of $58,000,000 (estimated),  did fairly well in the box office making a profit of $90,356,857 (USA) (28th of January 2011)

The Storyline consits of that of  retired agent Frank (Bruce Willis) who is bored and lonely living off his government pension, in a nondescript suburb in an equally nondescript house. The only joy in Frank's life are his calls to the government pension processing centre when he gets to talk to his case worker Sarah (Mary-Louis Parker).

Sarah is as bored and lonely as Frank is and marks her conversations with the unknown Frank and her spy novels as the only things fun in her life. When something in Frank's past forces Frank back into his old line of work again, he puts an unwitting Sarah in the middle of the intrigue, Frank and Sarah begin a journey into Franks past and the people he used to work with. Like Frank they are all RED ... Retired Extremely Dangerous.

This film, I'll be honest. I wasn't expecting much. I did like the storyline of it, I thought the ideas presented were good. But I though whilst watching it. It didn't do much for me, really. I just got board part way through and it didn't really arouse my interests at all, I had no interest in the plot.

To those who do really like it, I can understand why. The cast they got is great, people like Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirrin, John Malkovich they are all really big movie stars acting in an action film together. That's a really good set up of a cast, It's funny on many occasions. It's melodramatic comedy which plays for laughs. Some of the effects and action sequences are really good, they're directed well, very clean cut and precise, very dramatic, creates tension.

So what is it about RED that I don't like. If I'm being bluntly honest, I found it difficult to keep up with the pace of it. It is quite a slow movie. By the end of it, I sometimes watch a film hoping to get something out of it. Red is one of, about 3 films I've seen, which I've watched and left not learning anything from it. Other than fact, having me ask the question - have I waisted my time watching this?

There isn't really a member of the cast, I can pick out as being better than the other. I do think that they were just actors doing a job, like actors do. I think on behalf of me as a viewer, I struggled to invest in the characters. Which in turn partly spoiled my enjoyment of the film.

The length and the pace of it, for me I felt it was quite a long film to watch and to get to grips with. It took a while for the story to really engage and pick u the pace to become a heavy action thriller that it was, I do feel perhaps it was cheated a bit, because you got a great concept and a really good cast of people, in a quite dire and badly executed film.

As you can tell by examination, I didn't enjoy RED very much at all, it's not the best action film I've seen, but it is far from the worst.

I'll give it 5/10 - Which is standard even ground.

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NEXT TIME : I will review 'Despicable Me' starring Steve Carrel, I will post that review on Friday the 2nd of August 2013.


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