Friday, 13 September 2013

Review : Flight

Flight: A film which sees Denzel Washington playing a courageous pilot, with a terrible drinking problem.

Hello Film Lovers

I got a treat for you today, as I will finally be reviewing 'Flight'. A film I had the pleasure of watching at the cinema, back when it was released in February. Flight is more than meets the eye, It shows different things for different people, I really enjoyed it, I thought it was a very good film. Denzel Washington is superb in this.

As I did with my 'Max Payne' review, I will go through the storyline, and the premise of the film, before I go into more detail as to what I thought about it.

Flight, the story of - Whip Whitaker. How he tackles a terrible drinking problem, with his job as a flight pilot. When a flight from Orlando to Atlanta, goes wrong and the plane starts to fly down erratically.

Whip crashes the plane, with little choice, however thanks to his quick thinking and miraculous skill as a pilot; Whip saves almost everyone on board.

After Whip recovers, in the hospital, an old friend and colleague of his, from the airline union introduces him to a lawyer who tells him that there is a possibility, that if proven guilty, he could face criminal charges because his blood test reveals that he is intoxicated with alcohol and cocaine. He denies being impaired, so while a through investigation is underway, he is told to keep his act together. However, this means letting go of his addiction for Alcohol. Which is more difficult for Whip, than you might think.

Here's a clip of 'Flight'.

This film deals with a lot of serious issues. Obviously you have the issues of drinking and taking drugs. Both of which are a very serious issues. They're raised and communicated well in the film. They show the characters relation with them, what those things are to them, how they effect them and others around him.

Denzel Washington does a great job, superb performance. But then Denzel Washington is a great actor, with a lot of professional skill. The way he acted drunk was convincing, and the trick of course to acting drunk, is to act like your not. Denzel did it. And did it well.

I didn't have any problem with the story. The plot works well, I didn't get board. It's good that hard hitting drama such as this, is still around today. It's good for the Actors in question to, I think that any group of actors, always deliver a better performance in more serious roles.

I do think with 'Flight' it only works if your willing to put the effort into watching it. That for me would be it's only fault, it only works when your in the mood. When it does work and the plot clicks in the mind of the viewer, then I promise you will enjoy this film a lot.

But overall, It is a very good film. great script, good story, well directed, well acted. - 8/10.

Thanks for reading this guys!

NEXT : I will review the new Alan Partridge Movie - Alpha Papa. I will post the review of that film, on Saturday the 14th of September 2013.

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