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Review : Die Hard 4

DIE HARD 4  - John McClane and a young teenage computer hacker, join forces to take down a master cyber-terrorist Thomas Gabriel in Washington D.C.

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Welcome to my first film review of October, to start the month off I will finish off my Die Hard reviews, by reviewing Die Hard 4.

Directed by Len Wiseman, a Die Hard fan boy. This film is certainly different to the previous three movies. Die Hard 4, It's not a brilliant movie. By any stretch of the imagination, I know this now because I've seen it. I was eager to watch this film, because I'd never seen it previously, and it was the only Die Hard I hadn't seen. 

Having watched it now, I must say that it wasn't what I expected. The storyline is not as strong as the previous three. However I could understand how it tried to relate to the first movie. Because the Director Len Wiseman wanted to create an atmosphere which was very tight space, with intense and gripping life threatening scenarios. which is fine, those scenarios tend to pay off when doing an action film. 

What I hate however, is the fact of how other Die Hard directors, try to make their Die Hard film, as good as or better than the first one. which always frustrates me. The first film is incredible. nothing can top it. nothing. Another Die Hard director can not try to equal what he or she is doing in their film, to match the awesomeness of John McTiernan's directing of Die Hard. It just won't work.

This is the first of two films which features John's daughter Lucy who's played by Mary Winstead, who some of you may know from 'Scott Pilgrem VS The World'. Anyway, she plays Lucy - John's Daughter. Now I'm quite sceptical of Lucy's Character, because one minute she hates her dad, and the next point where she's got a gun pointed at her head she loves him. Also, another problem I have with Lucy McClane is this - I beg to ask the question, did she need to be in this story? does anything happen with her, in regards to who she is, and her character development? no. She's just in there to show out an emotional side to McClane's character and to be held at gun point to give the bad guys an advantage. so did she need to be the story? No.

The Storyline is interesting. It's a story about Cyber terrorism and the power of technology and computers, which for an action film for 2007, was quite intriguing.

The story tells that when someone hacks into the computers at the FBI's Cyber Crime Division; the Director decides to round up all the hackers who could have done this, through a proses of elimination. When he's told that because it's the 4th of July most of their agents are not around, so they might have trouble getting people to get the hackers. So he instructs them to get local PD'S to take care of it. And one of the cops they ask is John McClane who is tasked with bringing a hacker named Farrell to the FBI.

However there are some very bad people, who want Farrell and other hackers like him dead. So It's up to McClane to deal with them, the way only John can. To shoot them or blow them up.

Here's a clip.

I'll be blunt. I don't think Die Hard 4 is a bad film. I've seen worse. for example I've already reviewed 'Pain and Gain' you know Pain and Gain was a film, that I really didn't enjoy. In the case of Die Hard 4. I'm lead into a not so great storyline, with over exaggerated effects and graphic violence. It all seems to be underneath everything. Which for me as a viewer is disappointing.

The villains, or the aggressors in this are not the best. Because if there supposed to be cyber terrorists that can hack into any system, why were they beaten so easily? I thought at least we audience members would get a good fight from the bad guys.

The leader Gabriel, what's interesting about him is he's not interesting. He's almost too good looking to be a Die Hard villain. As a antagonist Gabriel is very weak, in comparison to Hans and Simon Gruber. but then Jeremy Irons and Alan Rickman are infinitely better actors than Timothy Olyphant.

To sympathise, Die Hard 4 is not all bad, there are some good bits. Certain fight sequences are good, for example there is a scene where McClane is driving fast in a car and there's a man on top who's trying to kill them who is lead flying. I thought that was achieved very well, the tight spot moments - very few, but they were still very good. Bruce Willis's acting different to way he's approached the roll before, and I know that Bruce liked the script and wanted to take the character into a new direction, anyway Die Hard 4, highlights John's change more than Die Hard 5, which is good.


So all rounder, it's not a crap film. Just over rated.

I will say that Die Hard 4 should get a 7/10.

Certainly better than 5. but no where near as good as 1 and 3. Arguably equally as good as 2, but that's just me. I'm sure opinions are mixed.

Thank You for reading this review.

NEXT TIME : I will review, 'The Grey' starring Liam Neesan. I will post that review on Saturday the 5th of October 2013.

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