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Review : Rain Man

Rain Man: Charlie Babbit, who starts of going from looking into his Father's fortune, ends up finding something more than he bargained for.

Hello Everyone.

How are we all? Good? Well that's marvellous. I was just thinking about 'Rain Man' the other day and thought, "that'll be a good one to put on the blog". It is regarded as being a very good film, it's about a relationship, but not just any ordinary relationship, the relationship between Brothers. It's like that poem by Andrew Forster which was called 'Brothers'. It explores that kind of relationship, and it's family connected.

You got two great stars coming into this movie, you got Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. Both of which do their own thing, and their characters are so different to one another. You have two actors who are good in their own way, and play their own roles separately. So the dynamics between them are second to none.

I don't wish to sanction people in anyway, and I'm totally unbiased. However that being said, I especially thought that Dustin Hoffman was superb. near perfect even. He was that good.

And I've always thought of, Dustin Hoffman not one of those people I regard highly of, or see as one of my favourite actors.  But to give him credit he has played magnificent parts in films, with the most extraordinary efforts, the limitations he has when he approaches challenging roles, there are none. He insures that there ain't any limitations to his character. And 'Rain Man' reflects that talent. He plays a man who his heavily autistic, but clever, he's good with numbers.

Anyone who says that "Raymond Babbitt is retarded" should be shot at dawn, because that statement is so false. If Raymond was retarded he wouldn't of been able to bankrupt a casino with his brother. Case closed.

Tom Cruise, again - not to kean on him. But boy he can deliver. Sometimes he works for me, sometimes he doesn't. I've seen the odd off movie, where he hasn't done very well, and there are other times like with this film, that I feel "actually, I'm wrong to judge Tom Cruise, because he can act". Good actors go far, and he has gone far, he's a highly regarded movie star.

In this film, I thought that he showed true emotion. When he was sad - he showed it, when he was angry or frustrated (which he was a lot in the film) he showed it. So he can portray across the emotions he thinks the character he's playing is feeling, very well indeed.

But don't just take my word for it, observe it for yourself in this clip.

The story of 'Rain Man' goes that Charlie Babbit's father dies and doesn't leave any of his fortune to Charlie in his will. However, Charlie soon discovers that some of the fortune, has gone to his brother Raymond, who to Charlie is oblivious to him. He never knew he had a brother, as they meet Charlie and Raymond embark on a mission across America together. During that time, they form a team; and at the end a relationship.

And it is so sad, at the end where Charlie has to say goodbye to Raymond at the end, especially when he says 'I'm glad to have a brother'. or something along those lines. But it just signifies the two parting, and going their separate ways, and you don't want them to break up. Because you know there good together.

So what do I have to say about 'Rain Man' essentially, it's a story about relationships between brothers, and establishing that to an extent that is entertaining as well as heart warming and genuine.

For that reason, I'm inclined to give it 7/10.

If you haven't watched the film, go and watch it. It's a very good film.

Thanks for reading this review.

NEXT : I will review 'Inception'. A film by Christopher Nolan. I'll review that film on Saturday the 26th of October 2013.

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