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Review : The Grey

The Grey :  After a drastic, plane crash in Alaska, six oil workers are led by a skilled huntsman to survival, but a pack of merciless wolves haunt their every step.

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Welcome to my newest Dr Film review. In today's review, I shall be looking at Joe Carnahan movie, The Grey which stars Liam Neesan as the ideal cast member.

This film consists of being a dramatic high tense thriller, which really sets out to achieve an adrenalin rush within it's audience members. It highlights certain aspects of the human survival instinct, which co-exists within us all, when in times of peril, we must do what we can to stay alive. In the case of 'The Grey' it about Liam Neesan trying to save himself and his friends from freezing to death, and to prevent them from being savagely eaten by a pack of hungry wolves.

Liam Neesan in this film, really presents himself to be the main protagonist. We understand from quite early on what his role in the film is. Joe Carnahan uses his talents in a way which presents Liam Neesan, in such a way we haven't seen him act in a film before, and at the same time is not too gimmicky, he's still pretentious and to the point.

I was eager to watch this when it came out, because it ticked all the boxes for me. I love Liam Neesan, I think he's a terrific actor, and talented performer. So Anything with him in it, insures me to want to see it. It did present itself to me, as being a film of certain distinction. However having these ideas in my head when sitting down to watch, I felt the film was quite slow. I was hoping the action would start immediately so the audience could get stuck into the good stuff, portrayed in the trailers. To my surprise the opposite happened.

The film was slow, and did drag out longer than I expected it to. Which is a shame considering the trailers showed off this film to be fast and pacey. I can't help but  question is the advertising for this film, actually false. Does it lead the audience down a wrong path. If so, then that is a grave error and a shame. I did get my hoped up for this film, and instead what I got was a slow paced story, with dragged out scenes and not enough action happening. The ending however is fantastic. So I'm also confused, If the whole of the film, had been as quick paced and dramatic as the ending, this would of been a really great film. I did feel for 117 minutes, it was too long. The length and the pace of 'The Grey' is where it fails. 

As a word of advice, I would of thought that all the hard hitting grit of 'The Grey' could of been more included into the plot. Scenes could of been cut. And all in all could be what the trailers advertised to be in all of 100 minutes.

 Putting all that aside. The cast of it is interesting. Alot of names here to which I'm not familiar with, actors who delivered not a bad performance. They were just okay. All the supporting cast members are there to support Liam Neesan. Liam Neesan of course is excellent in this film. 

The desperation and fight his character has when under pressure is just incredible, what I like about some of things that are done, is there not done by talking. No dialogue, just actions. It's very diverse and invertive.

I like how Neesan is portrayed to be a leader, how the pressure is on him. Gives us as a viewer confidence in him for him to pull through and succeed. Considering the conditions they are in, walking through the Alaska and snow blizzards, whilst trying to avoid being eaten by wolves. It's no easy task.

Here's a clip from 'The Grey' 


So overall, what do I think of this film? It's not a bad film. I just felt it dragged on a bit too much. I thought there was a fault with the advertising of it. Perhaps a mixed message was in the advertising which wasn't shown in the film, who knows?

I'll give this film a 6/10. So just over half.

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