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Review : The Green Mile


Paul Edgecomb didn't believe in miracles, that is until he met one.

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In today's review I will be reviewing a 90's movie very close to my heart, and one of the most powerful and greatest films I have seen. It had such an impact on me, and still does today. 'The Green Mile' is adequately a story which recalls on a mistake that Paul Edgecomb in his past. It tells the story of how he met the most incredible man with an extraordinary gift, it's as if he possessed the talents of god himself.

There's a reason why 90's movies are so great. This story is one of them, Written and Directed by Frank Darabont - the man we have to thank for writing and directing 'The Shawshank Redemption'. Anyway he returns four years later to make this film.  As previous this story is based on a book by Stephen King, before I continue I should confirm, I haven't read the book, so what happens in it and what as been adapted, I couldn't tell you.

Now your probably thinking, why are you reviewing this now? shouldn't you of reviewed this when you started your blog. The answer to that is 'Yes'. But I just wanted to hold off for a while, just so I could take my time in exploring the great depths that film has.

I've talked to person after person, and each and every person I have come across who has seen this film, have thought that this was either a fantastic film or a really poor one. So general opinion on this is film is, it's either great or it sucks. Judging by the Box Office it made - $60,000,00. Poor movies, don't make that kind of money. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I just get annoyed when people say, 'This is film is crap.' and make out their opinion to be what everyone else thinks, when it's so clear it's not.

'The Green Mile' is a film where, you do have to be in the right sort of mood, in order to want to watch it. Because it is just over 3 hours long. So I wouldn't watch this on a movie night, I'd recommend you watch this at a quiet time,  where only you can enjoy it. It's a film with a lot of messages in it, messages that can have emotional effects on  a common person such as myself. But if your not in the mood to sit down and watch it, then 'The Green Mile' won't work for you.

What I will say about this film to give it credit, even though it's 3 hours long, It doesn't drag. It tells a story the best way it possibly can. It takes it's time. It's a story which recalls on the errors of ones past, and it has the time to go into the depths of that character, the time period it's set, the supporting characters which surround the main one, to name a few.

This film is not all laughs and light hearted entertainment, the story takes it's viewer's down some dark shadowy places. It is disturbing in parts, but if it's adequate to the story, I don't mind it so much.

Here's a clip.

I think the one main thing I have to mention about this film, that is the emotionally centred scenes, which are so beautifully done, because the viewer have been following these characters for 3 hours, they really do get to know them. This is most noticeable with Paul and John Coffey (The Miracle Maker on Death Row played by Michael Clarke Duncan) an actor that is no longer with us, sadly, he died last year. 

That scene where John dies, and the lights explode is such an incredible moment, emotionaly centred and it's just makes me want to cry, it's such a sad yet powerful scene, the reality of it blows up in your face and the viewer takes a step back and goes 'woah. I wasn't expecting that.'

Also another significant thing about this film, is the mouse. There is a mouse which plays an important role in this film. The mouse is an interesting element to this story, it represents I think the might of men, it's very similar to 'Of Mice and Men' when Lennie carries a little mouse in his pocket. It also gives one of cell mates comfort. 

It may interest some viewers to know, that mouse is now famous. 'Mr Jingles' is now a very famous mouse, and will always be remembered. Which I think is a nice touch.

The Music in this is near perfect, I say near perfect because the scores do repeat themselves in some scenes, which when you've heard them after a while, can get a bit boring and sometimes cliche when added to emotionally centred scenes.

'The Green Mile' has gone on and still going strong today, I mean it was interpreted in an episode of 'The Simpsons'. Check this out.

It's good isn't it?

I can't talk about this film, without talking about Tom Hanks, because I'm sure most of you here, wouldn't want me to miss him out as he plays as big a role in the film as 'Mr Jingles' The Mouse. Well Tom Hanks, is just himself in this film. I don't have much to say on the behalf of his performance, he just brought the character he plays to live in a heartbeat. He's just so good an actor, not many people have the talent that he has.

Overall what do I think of 'The Green Mile', the same as people with any sense, it's fantastic!

It so much raw and general material that disliking it is an impossibility for me.

9/10. Maybe sometimes 10 if I'm in a good mood.

Thank you for watching this review.

NEXT TIME : I will review 'The Adjustment Bureau' - I will post that review tomorrow - Saturday the 19th of October to be precise. 

Until next time, see you then!

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