Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Review : Silent House


Continuing with my Halloween fest of films, I've seen over the past I thought it would be interesting to look at Silent House. A film by Chris Kentis and Laura Lau. 

This film, surprised me. It wasn't terrifying, and it didn't have as much an impact on my brain, that I couldn't sleep, but I did go in with low expectations. In the end I was delivered with quite a good story, with a chilling concept to it. It had the odd jumpy moments from here and there, but overall was impressed with the outcome and very surprised by it.

I think it's good when that happens, when one sits down to watch a film, they don't think will be very good and then having given it a try and enjoyed it, really lightens your mood. 

I have to say to those reading this review, the day I first watched this film I was having a bad day, wasn't in the best of moods, and the last thing I wanted to do was watch a film. regardless of what genre it was, but luckily my sister managed to persuade me to watch 'Silent House' and I quite enjoyed it.

So having explained my story in how I came across this film, The storyline to 'Silent House' is all about
a girl, who is trapped inside her family's lakeside retreat and becomes unable to contact the outside world. The way this is communicated to the viewer is by showing supernatural forces which haunt the house with mysterious energy and consequences.

Going into depth, This movie is about Sarah as she and her dad go to their lakeside retreat to pack things up inside because it is being sold. While there, her uncle also helps get the place up to scratch so they can sell it for a better value. 

And it is the uncle who has to leave to get an electrician to check the wiring, but after he goes Sarah starts hearing noises that only she can hear and seeing what she believes are people inside the house. It doesn't take long for her and her dad to get attacked by someone or something and they end up in a fight for their lives. But there's something more going on than she anticipates.

Here's a clip.

As a story if I compare this to something such as 'The Shining' which was my first insight into my Horror Season. 'Silent House' has the same vital importance to making it as good as it was, and that is it's communication. The communication is very important, as it is that which sells the viewer, they have to be clear that what they're seeing on screen is actually happening. And it is.

Just like 'The Shining' this is a film about Survival, and a chilling haunting.  It nice how the story blends the two together to conform one full story. 

This is film is very well directed, or co directed I should say. The dynamics between the ideas of Chris Kentis and Laura Lau, are easily shown throughout the course of this film.

Silent House is quite jumpy and intense in places, I did worry in some places wither or not things will end well, considering I knew a shock moment would be around the corner.

The acting, is secondary in this film. There isn't a huge cast, so the amount of rolls and characters are limited. I wouldn't say there was anyone I knew in it from other films, just the odd one off American actor perhaps?

Overall, I'm going to give 'Silent House' a 7.

Thank You for checking out this review.

NEXT: The Halloween Fest continues with Phantom of the Opera. I'll post that review on Wednesday the 30th of October 2013.

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