Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Review : Game of Thrones Part Two : Series 4 (2014)

The time has come. I'm reviewing Game of Thrones.

With the return of Game of Thrones last Monday, the fandom hype had gone mental and Episode 1 of the new series gained over 8 million viewers, and like 'Walking Dead' 'Game of Thrones' has grown its average seasonal audience with each year. The first series of GOT gained an average of 2.52 million viewers and has now progressed up over the years and keeps getting better and better. 

It is without a shadow of a doubt that Game of Thrones is a great show.

Due to a developed storyline combining elements of multiple genres, a vast range of characters that explore a "grey" area of morality that is far more realistic that many other shows have displayed previously, beautiful production design/cinematography - it looks good and sounds terrific and the acting is mostly brilliant, there isn't a bad member of the cast in it.

As for the matter of the incest, most people complain about this, and brag on about how much they don't agree with it, the point is your not supposed to agree with it; but it has occurred before in history and this is meant to portray a fictional representation. There are only around three scenes where is shown in four seasons worth - otherwise is drives an angle of the story so is discussed. 

Sex is a big part of life and yes Game of Thrones does not shy away from that fact. The fact that people find the sex scenes too much over the excessive violence/gore says more about our society and sex is perceived. Sure it's pretty vigorous but sex isn't always pretty and Hollywood-like with soft focus and gentle whispering. Additionally, elements of the story are based upon certain wars in history. Everything played by a different set of rules then and they're attempting to replicate the harshness of the past whilst infusing it with the fictional world created.

I'm almost certain wide shots have been used for emotional effect in Game of Thrones too - this isn't even a point.

If the story doesn't grip you or the characters aren't to your liking and don't quite convince you fair enough - it's not for everyone. A lot of people find the many many characters difficult to keep track of or find the world disinteresting which is fair enough as it's a highly extensive creation that won't please everyone. However, the show gets 8+million viewers from around the world, so it's definitely doing a lot more right than wrong.

As far as Series Four is concerned it picks up very well in terms of continuity and engages viewers with inviting content which draws you in, however half way through the series events do tend to get quite dry in places and there are certain moments which are dire to watch, consequently with that there is balance of interest which is quite uneven but that reverts back to my point of taste and peoples tastes in things, its very different and diverse. 

The episodes are jam packed with lots of action, emotional depths, drama, fantastic battle scenes and lots of fights and lots of running about to entertain the viewers and we get to learn a lot more about the characters like Jon Snow and you invest in them more. It's just more of everything which adds continental value to the continuity. 7/10.

NEXT WEEK : A Topical Review on The Horror Genre.


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