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Review : The Incredibles

The Incredibles 

Hey Everyone

Welcome to my latest Dr Film review on the blog, so today I have a special treat for you guys, I'm going to talk about one of my favourite PIXAR Movies ever made. The Incredibles, a film where a family of superheros team up to foil the plans of a criminal mastermind and super villain.

The story premise of this film goes, that the main hero Mr Incredible meets the super villain as a young boy, hurts his feelings which pushes him over the edge which turns him into a psychotic super villain.

Now I love the start of this movie, You go from previews of interviews, which are very comedic and stereotypical before cutting to the opening titles, the action starts straight away which is always a bonus when getting into a film. Especially as Mr Incredible senses and emergency, he's on his way and suddenly he's interrupted by assisting an old person. Its very funny when he's trying to get the cat out of the tree and it won't come down. Luckily he manages to catch the criminals. 

All the stuff before hand and the set up of the glory days is brilliant, and thrilling to watch. Then there is a lawsuit which happens and a public scandal, and all superhero's have to stop being heros and just live their lives as normal people.

It is then you cut to five years later and really see how things have changed, as Bob Parr (Mr Incredible) is stuck working a job he hates to support his family. His wife Helen is a housewife, takes care of their baby Jack Jack, their son Dash has got his storyline as well as the daughter Violet.

All the family have their own thing going on, which is great and it doesn't over complicated things in the way its written, there just little things. But we all know their not allowed to use their powers. Then what makes things very interesting is that Bob sneaks out at night with his friend Luicas voiced by (Samual L Jackson - who is brilliant in the film) who is also Frozone - another superhero who can freeze things in blasts of Ice, hence the name. Anyway, they sneak out to listen to radio reports to see if there's any trouble going on, to grab one last taster of what it was like.

Suddenly everything kicks off, you have Bob working a job he hates and just wants things to go back to the way they used to be and Helen who just wants to settle down, its a contrast of itself how the two are so hand in hand with each other.

All of which is thrown back in Bob's face when he's presented with a danger, and is confronted with Syndrome, who is the villain of the film. Who plans to destroy The Incredible family, and present the world with a crisis so he can solve it and take all the glory. Which by the way is excellent storytelling.

Here's a clip.

It may suffice me to say that, this film is near perfect. It is without doubt one of PIXAR's best films and all because the wonderfully clever people at PIXAR did what they did best, create a great story with excellent iconic characters with awesome superpowers and throw all into one dynamic story.

It's non stop action, once it gets going it sets off and it is just brilliant what is created very realistic and constructed visual effects which makes whats happening on the screen all the more better for the film. It holds an interest on the audience, or is supposed to.

The cast is great, Jason Lee for example as Syndrome is just brilliant. Samuel L Jackson is hilarious and just runs with it as that's what he does.

Its beautifully pased, nothing happens to quickly or too late. It all happens in it accorded time slot. It's almost predictable as to whats going to happen. This scene happens, then the next and then the next and then the big fight scene, then the end. So it's a very quick, evenly pased story.

I just love 'The Incredibles'. Its one of my top 5 PIXAR films, and if you haven't seen it yet? what have you been doing with your life. Go and watch it NOW!

I will give this film a 9/10.

Thanks very much for tuning in guys.

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