Monday, 23 February 2015

Review : Pride

PRIDE : U.K. gay activists work to help miners during their lengthy strike of the National Union of Mineworkers in the summer of 1984.
It is more common in most that the main inspirations of what makes a film relate to the facts of the everyday and reflect on society, law, what's going on the real world today and in this instance Pride reflects gay activism of the 1980's. 
It's a very enjoyable comedy with an all star cast, the combinations of both writer Stephen Beresford and director Matthew Warchus together produce what I think is a very insightful piece of comedy drama because its ever so uplifting and self righteous, you really feel what is trying to be achieved from this and its a subject matter which is very recognisable and people can relate to it.
Since its based off historical events it's also good educationally for those who don't know about Gay Pride and Gay activism of the 1980's to get involved and learn about it, and have a laugh with it because the comedy is so effortlessly put into it that your not supposed to shy away from it, you just need to embrace it for what it is and enjoy it. Its one of the many wonders of life.
I think what Pride also sets out to achieve is not to be afraid of who you are. If you're gay. You're gay! it's who you are, and if there's anyone who think its right to tell you otherwise of think thats wrong, don't let them tell you otherwise because you can't help who you are. Characteristics which are shown throughout several characters in the film which shine through and communicate this message in terms of action, speech, direction and boldness.
The story goes that Pride is a feel-good fact-based comedy drama about a group of British gay and lesbian activists who supported the National Union of Mineworkers during the latter group's legendary year-long strike in 1984 - 1985. 
The combination of Marchus's directing and Beresford's writing is it creates such a well coherent flow of events with some mild strong language throughout , sexual innuendo, passionate kissing, a hate crime beating of a gay character, and pushing and shoving between police and the striking miners. 
The film's politics, particularly when it comes to the pivotal issues of gay rights and labor rights, are pro-Labour Party and anti-Margaret Thatcher. Which in my view is very accurate to what I feel was what was being aimed for. Thinking outside the box in terms of what would one possibly wish to achieve from this/ view from this.
All together this is an all round, well thoughtout historical comedy drama which viewers can look upon and really embrace it for what it is, and can understand the messages in it. 7/10

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