Saturday, 7 February 2015

Review : The Proposal

The Proposal : A pushy boss forces her young assistant to marry her in order to keep her Visa status in the U.S. and avoid deportation to Canada.

I would say when talking about this particular film is that it is definitely a directors cut which is definitively versatile and different to the average viewer who watches it. It can also be viewed as a  charming romantic comedy with a much talked-about scene in which the leads, both naked, accidentally crash into and fall down on top of each other. There's nothing like two naked bodies slapping together!

But since it's rated PG, all that's shown is a tumble of skin. There's also plenty of innuendo, as well as couple of passionate kisses and a comical scene featuring a flabby exotic dancer in a G-string. So this film is allowed to get away with a lot of things under a minor note of warning.

This was an interesting one to sit down and watch because my mood from starting this and my mood when it finished were two very different moods. It's very much like my mood towards 'A Dangerous Method' I didn't like nor dislike it, I just thought it was very weird and strange. With this I neither liked it or disliked it, just thought 'you know, it's ok'. In some cases and ok-ish type film is all you need to get you through an evening on Movie night! 

What on my thoughts as to why I feel this way about the film? Well, part of the reason is to do with the pacing of it and the content it has, it's not all that fulfilling or exciting in moments of dire situation or providing gripping drama. It's humorous to some extent but not laugh out loud funny, it is just simply a film which is dynamically cut and the overall feel of it is that of a type of definitively charming romantic comedy. 

There's nothing original about an uptight career woman who needs some lovin' falling for her gorgeous, put-upon assistant. But Bullock and Reynolds have a breezy chemistry that most on-screen couples hardly ever or never achieve. 
They're a pretty fine match it has to be said, and I'd go as far as to say they are both as good as each other and bang on par. They are equally believable as boss-and-subordinate as they are as reluctant lovers. Both have finely honed comedy skills, and they're bolstered by scene-stealing supporting co-stars who add to all that.
I wouldn't say there's a special spice in this which sort of jazzes the whole film up in terms of quality but perspective wise, the film is just okay. One's expectations can be quite low of a film and they think 'Oh that's not going to be very good' and then you go and see it and think 'It was ok and not as bad as I thought it would be'. 
In hindsight I think your stepping into the unknown when the film starts and then you warm to it throughout the course of it's lets face it slow pacing. Things could step up a notch for a film, which isn't far off from just over an hour and a half, by the end of it you feel that it was okay and nothing special. 
The directing is good to some technique that in some ways can be seen as dynamically interesting and the director showing diversity and interesting perspectives in the way she wants a scene shot but overall it doesn't help matters that the overall enjoyment of it is one of those 'romantic pop corn flicks'.
Perfect for Valentine's Day!
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