Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Review : Spooks - The Greater Good

Spooks - The Greater Good is a continuation of the story which is established on the BBC's 'Spooks', in which the head of MI5 and his assailant must prevent a terrorist attack happening in London.

It seems like a deeply thrilling topic when you think about it, considering that London is one of the most iconic cities in the world and there have been many attempts to provoke a terrorist attack in London so much to the extent, you've got police officers on the street with machine guns as protection from hostile forces. The country is very aware that these sorts of things can and could happen, so to do a film about it at this time and base it off a hugely successful TV series just adds something more special to the cinematic value of this film's background.

I really enjoyed this a lot, there was a lot of fast passed, action sequences, the plot wasn't too complicated, things seemed to have the right amount of depth to it so it wouldn't get too farcical in action and would boar the viewer, interesting cinematography captured throughout and the music score as well added great depth to the background of a scene which of course is always a bonus.

Performance wise, there wasn't really a bad member of the cast in it. The acting wasn't anything amazing where I went 'Oh my god Kit Harrington is Amazing in this' for example, it's just above par, on average, serves the purpose from what you could expect from that particular cast. I do approve of the diversity of people and background but you do wonder with any film if it was the cast you'd visualise, if you could swap that actor for this one and have them in it instead, would it work quite so well and most of the time - 87% of the time. It doesn't because you got to have the right balance there and sometimes people's strengths or weakness's can not really do anything for the other members of the cast, which demonstrates why cast is so important.

Going into the story a little bit, telling you what it's about : It starts with a terrorist escaping custody during a routine hand over, Will Holloway (Kit Harrington) teams up with a disgraced MI5 Intelligence Chief Harry Pearce (Peter Firth) to track the terrorist down and get him back before he commits a terrorist attack on London.

It's a race against time the story, and its one of these summer films in which you can sit back relax, enjoy and have a good time and this film in perticular is good to see in the cinema because it adds a sense of cultural anxiety and thrill rush which you don't get say in the comfort of your own home. On the big screen the quality of it is quite spectacular in a way and I think people will get good thrill cultural changes from it in a good way, in moments of peril and dramatic tension there are wonderful shock moments which viewers don't anticipate and therefore makes it surprising and triggers off a shock factor about, that what makes good crime films interesting viewing.

I'm going to give it a 7/10. Very good indeed.

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