Sunday, 2 November 2014

Review : Disney's Beauty & The Beast


Beauty and The Beast, the classic love story in which a prince cursed to being a hideous monster learns to love and care for another, and a young woman who hates his guts warms to his company and develops genuine feelings of sincerity for him.

So what is it we all love about 'Beauty & The Beast'? I think it's largely down to the principals of what you can get from it when you emotionally connect with the characters. I for one am hugely emotionally connected to Belle and how she learns to love The Beast. How The Beast is not an animal, he learns to love as well. I'm quite parshal to this one in perticular becuase it's so beautifully animated. Beauty & The Beast is just absolute pure class from start to finish.

I think that the majority of parents/ adults know that some of The Beast's initial ferocity might scare younger viewers. However once children have seen his gentle side, they might find scenes of him being hunted and stabbed by Gaston emotionally upsetting. The sequence in which a mob comes after Beast is also quite intense, and there's a fair bit of cleavage on display during the bar song "Gaston" number. But children mature enough for feature-length stories such as this will find this one of the best Disney films they could spend time with in terms of intelligence, quality, and originality  not to mention having one of Disney's smartest, most independent heroines.

In terms of Quality, Beauty & The Beast may not be one of Disney's most famous films ever made, but it stands as the studio's crowning achievement, winning an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe for Best Picture. Stellar music, brisk storytelling, beautifully animated in every detail, and above all compelling characters make it both a great animated feature for children and a great fun film for anyone.

In essence of all great stories are about transformation, and this one beats out even Cinderella as the ultimate makeover story, with Beast's inner transformation preceding his outer one. Some editions of the DVD include an additional scene and a new song, but the original movie stands on its own merit.

For the record I would say that families can talk about Belle and Beast's first impressions of each other. What did they discover about each other as their relationship grew? And also as one of the popular Disney Princesses, how is Belle the same as Cinderella and the Little Mermaid? How is she different? So there's certainlly those parallels in it that are left open for broad discussion.

Yes, quite parshal to 'Beauty & The Beast' it a brilliant film, 9/10.

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