Thursday, 13 November 2014

Review : Intersteller

A team of explorers travel through a wormhole in an attempt to find a potentially habitable planet that will sustain humanity.



It's about a small group of people, going off on a voyage beyond the stars to locate a new home world for the future of mankind, because there is nothing left on earth, the world is at an end. That's basically it. Into that simplicity, Christopher Nolan, who is anything but simple in his story telling has woven in all mysteriousness and unnerving danger and very real character interaction.

For some people who have watched Inception would know, Chris Nolan is a film maker who is never straight forward, so there are certain things which have to be explained just a little bit more. This central concept of the plot, ie - The mission and the way it's described by Michael Caine's character is just great, adds information and back drop to the what we as the viewer are meant to be watching and are meant to understand.

This films tends to look at things beyond the fourth dimension or the fourth wall a little bit. For those who arn't familiar with this theory, I will explain it in it's simplist. Basically in theatre, the actors don't belive that when they are performing live theatre in front of an audience, the pit in which the audience sits behind the stage, is the fourth wall. What Chris Nolan intends for us to get out of this is, do we dare to question other worlds? other dimensions? that are out there, that are understanding us, what we anticipate to understand and what can we learn from it? 

As soon as those questions start flowing in the mind, you do start to invest in the film a lot more, perticularly when Matthew McConaughey's character realises the truth of the fourth dimension theory. It's a brilliant revolation that we experience, and everything unravals, and everything makes perfect sense. It's an amazing moment.

It's a well acted cast of people coming into this, to make the film all the more interesting. You may not think Matthew McConaughey can act, but Intersteller proves that he's not a dead beat actor. He can act, and not just act but act really well within a situation sci-fi drama. I'm sure anyone could of played it in their own way, but what Matthew brings to the table is Matthew. Something no other actor could of done.

Anne Hathaway, again marvelous actress. does it again in this. It's very easy to make a character such as hers boring. Anne doesn't she actually makes the part her own and creates a character with her own, ideals, theories and concepts for things which challenge McConaughey's character and McConaughey reverts that back by challenging her character and what she thinks.

The effects in this are excellent, visual effects are spectacular. What's great about it is, there is no frame of green screen involved... not one!

I tend to like films, that go that extra mile and that are clever. Chris Nolan, never for one doubt's questions the intelligence of his audience, he trusts in them to understand, and we get the pay back from this we deserve. I'm going to give 'Intersteller' an 8/10. Hope it does well, at the Oscar's and / or BAFTA's. It should be nominated for something.


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