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Review : Disney's Aladdin (1992)

Aladdin - The story of a local street rat who vies for the love of a beautiful princess, he uses a genie's magical powers to disguise himself off as a prince in order to marry her.

I think that the viewers who have seen the film or have yet to see the film, will be able to identify that the bad guy, Jafar, can come across as being quite a scary character, in terms of his determination and sorcery and mind control techniques, especially over the sultan are quite creepy. 

So moving on to the main character, the title character which is Aladdin. Aladdin is a street rat who without any doubt, seeks adventure which provides excitement for the audience, and throughout the course of the film we see our noble hero, being chased by henchmen with giant swords and some mythological monsters. 

And of core you have the Genie, (Voiced by Robin Williams) who provides plenty of comic relief to the more dangerous moments.

The film also has a bit of sex appeal to it, with revealing outfits worn by Princess Jasmine and some rather curvy dancing ladies in the background. All of these and more just goes to show that Aladdin is a verity of good and bad things that one can expect of a typical 90's Disney film.

I have always found this one to be very interesting, based on the ground levels of it being unlike any other Disney film of it's time.

The character development is very insightful, for instance Jasmine is no Belle and Aladdin is no Beast, but add a big blue genie to the mix and you've got a very insightful and intriguing story premise which can appeal to audiences young and old, providing thrill and excitement and keep them entertained throughout with all of the songs and comic relief in it. 
Robin Williams is nothing more than electrifying to watch in this film. He brings humour and vitality to a film that might otherwise be just another "princess forced to marry against her will" story. He's doing everything turned up to eleven and showing off all abstract and diverse veracities of his personality in his performance, which I think Children in particular would look up to and remember with such fondness, because Robin William's Genie is most of the time, smiling, and jolly and making quick witted jokes and comments. 
The story itself is very simplistic, It's not too difficult to get your head around the plot. It mainly consists of a poor street urchin and his monkey friend wanting to belong somewhere and not have to beg on the street and live up to a lifetime of stealing food in order to stay alive. But of course, by having that into the equation, especially with your title character you get a really entertaing thrill rush from him being in trouble with the law, and being quite mischievous but it also provides insightful back story at the same time, he doesn't do this out of choice. If it was up to him, he'd rather belong somewhere.

Anyway here's a clip.

In relation to the clip attached above, Songs like "A Whole New World," and a magic carpet with more personality than all of Disney's animal sidekicks put together, help make scenes in this film all the more genuine and real for being there, without the genie attire. 
Jasmine is unlike any other disney princess; even though her predicament isn't very original, and Aladdin is sweet and eventually learns his own self worth. 
In terms of story, you do get plenty constructed into an hour and a half, with animation to back that up and provide a visionary to what the viewer is seeing on screen. I think viewers will like the quality of this film, because its one of few disney movies, who's rest orated picture quality makes the colours all the more pleasing to look upon as you watch it.
I think that this a Disney film with a lot of depth at the heart of it, and has always been one of my favourites. 9/10!
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