Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Review : Rise of the Planet of the Apes


A substance, designed to help the brain repair itself, gives rise to a super-intelligent chimp who leads an ape uprising.

At first I wasn't very attracted to this film, than I am now. When it first came out, It didn't seem to grab my interest. I watched it over the summer, and actually looking at it. It's actually a very good piece, there are nice science fiction bits in it, good action, very good character interaction stuff in there as well, especially characters interacting with Caesar, who is the lead chimp in the film.

If you think about it, this is actually the story of Caesar, and by following the story a long, you learn of his journey and what he goes through on this journey, from being brought up in James Franco's house, to having to be given up to live in an institution where the keepers are mean to him and give him electric shocks, etc. Building up to the climatic ape uprising in the end, and things reaching their natural conclusion. 

So that's basically it with the story synopsis, what brings this film to life is the fantastic visual effects. What you see on screen is what the audience are convinced to believe. seeing is most definitely believing, and the detailing on all the monkeys in this film are fantastic, so realistic, and so life like it's close to replicating the details to that of a real chimp/monkey.

I think what makes the film so special, is that story of Caesar, and the whole concept behind the science of animal testing. However as a shire consequence of that, cruelty to animals is wrong and the brutality of some of the human characters in this, are just plain and simple in terms of how the audience views them on screen. But all these characters, get what is coming to them in the end, a brutal death to match their behavior.

Here's a trailer.

I thought the overall feel to this, was that like of a Christopher Nolan film. It is very much like Christopher Nolan's work. The simulates are there, however its not a Nolan film. I thought that the similarities where there whilst viewing it, from the atmosphere of the framing of the shot, the action sequences, the music. I am sure that there are some people out there who actually think that Christopher Nolan actually directed this.

'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' is a demonstration of which digital technology has now evolved in to such an extent that super-intelligent apes can be shown convincingly on screen for the first time. No more dressing up in comedy monkey suits, or as semi-transformed ape characters, such as Helena Bonham Carter in 'Planet of the Apes'. Caesar's movements and characterization are provided through motion-capture technology by Andy Serkis, who similarly played the gorilla in Peter Jackson's 2005 remake of King Kong.

This is when you think about it a very good film: suspenseful and involving, and Caesar is a great character. With mannerisms and expressions that are neither simian nor human but bizarrely convincing as a combination of both, dramatically and comically, if not scientifically. Caesar should be absurd, but never at any time will you feel the urge to laugh at him, though you might laugh with him, as he grows up and realizes his destiny.

Overall thoughts on this, I would probably watch this again. I think it's a good enough film to make it onto my shelf in the near future. 8/10

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