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Review : Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York

Home Alone 2 : Lost in New York - Basically tries to make as much of a success of the first film, by putting the leading boy 'Kevin McAlester' on his own again, only this time to have a mix up between flights and he ends up going to New York.

So Home Alone 2, Some sequels for which this film is an example of sets out to see what worked best in the first film and how they can use those points to make the sequel just as good, if not better. So why not put the main character 'Kevin' in the big city. New York, and see what happens. Not a bad idea, and again it's set at Christmas, so it adds to the holiday mood.

I think anyone who have seen this film, should know the same kind of slapstick violence in this second Home Alone film, mostly against the robbers who picked on the wrong precocious child once again. The main character throws bricks, sets deadly traps, and more in attempts to stop the bumbling duo and is gleefully proud of himself every time they get hurt. Therefore knowing this, I advise viewers that they should also know that the films opens with quite a bit of family conflict and that there's a bit of fighting ; even some physical violence among siblings. 

So, Here we go again. Kevin McAllister already got left Home Alone one Christmas; now the following year he gets on the wrong plane and heads off to the Big Apple, New York City while his family jets off to Miami for a Family holiday. 

Kevin, once again is delighted to be free of his boisterous family, and sets out on another adventure, taking on the big city. His father's credit card rents him a suite at a wonderful Plaza Hotel. Slapstick moments are provided by run-ins with the original films goofball villains, Harry and Marv. The duo has escaped from prison and are planning to rob a toy store on Christmas Eve, learning of this plan Kevin's determined to stop them. Meanwhile Mum realizes that her son's missing and frantically tries to find him.

Here's a trailer.

It's basically the first film, but in New York. However, it never really boars me. I think it's really good and it feels different to the first film, not just in the setting but with the character development in Kevin and the Two crooks. 

The early family scenes in Home Alone 2 are some of the films most entertaining moments, as are Kevin's clever survival schemes at the hotel and on the streets of New York, and in the final showdown against Harry and Marv - Round 2!
As a sequel, the film with not much hard effort manages to be funny, if predictable, and occasionally levels on being quite heart-warming; in sentimental and touching moments, In this film Kevin befriends a homeless woman who until he met her only shared the company of pigeons and encourages her to reach out to people more.
It's easy to see why fans took to Culkin's "little big guy" routine in the '90s. He's a charmer. And as Kevin's Mother, Catherine O'Hara is a well-wrought mix of funny and sentimental.
Though there are some heavy violent scenes to watch out for which are not intended to be influential to children,  apart from being there to make them laugh as part of the comedy. I would say that this film is a great film for families, the main thing to watch out for really is the violence and not to take it so seriously. 7/10
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