Thursday, 23 October 2014

Review : Patch Adams

Robin Williams is Patch Adams : The interpretation of a life story about an ambitious medical student in the 1970's who's inspiration is to help people goes about his methods of treating patients, illegally, using humor.

So 'Patch Adams'. Firstly and sadly, the first point that I have to address is, it's terribly sad to watch this film knowing that Robin Williams is no longer with us anymore. But at the same time uplifting because we can experience his full blown, exaggerated and wonderful performance in this and reflect on the fact about that was the kind of person Robin Williams was.

It is to my understanding that this is based off a true story, like 'The Duchess' the film I've reviewed previous, Robin Williams portrays Hunter 'Patch' Adams and gives us 'the viewer' an insight into what Patch Adams was like as a person and what he did in the aspect of his life that the film itself wishes to highlight. You could almost have this on paper and I would read it and believe it to be true as if someone had sat down at a typewriter and written this as a draft in the context of fiction. It's very well done in terms of presenting dialogue and intellect in the script.

The music in this film is a very important factor. It's a vital part of simulating the drama of it all, It's a beautifully constructed score, devised to I think establish the mood of how the director wants to make the viewer feel as its adapted into the scene and to exaggerate a point of emotional value. The music achieves these two things spot on and adds colour to the painting. It of been very bland and boring, but it wasn't. In some places the score is a little too sentimental, but it's playing on the fact of establishing mood, so you have a leigh way with it.

Robin Williams is phenomenally satisfying to watch in this as 'Patch'. He's funny, bold, elaborate in his choice of colourful shirts, he is entertaining, sad, scared when he needs to be. I just adore his performance in this, it's very uplifting and just sort of replicates real life or how that real life that the film is based on is portrayed.

One thing I will say that the film concentrates too much on is the constant need of comparison. There always somehow in every scene has to be some kind of uprising comparison to drive the story forward, where as I feel personally that It would work just as well without it. It doesn't need all the comparative, over exaggerated emotional endurance, the drama does that fine on it's own with music to back that up. So that's my main bug I have to say about this film.

It's a very uplifting film, which entertains as well as having a sentimental value. 7/10 from me.

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