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Review : Bowfinger

Bowfinger: The con is on. Yes, that is correct. Bowfinger productions are making a movie, which is essentially made out to be Bowfinger's big break in the film making business, however there is one slight flaw to this. They don't have a main star. or do they?

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Sorry I haven't been blogging as much as I'd like, I did have a plan to fit in 3 more reviews for this month however as it happens, I've been far too busy to even sit down for five minutes and have a cup of tea. But I'm back on the blog now delivering my next review.

Bowfinger, to those of you who don't know what this movie is about, it's a 1999 comedy classic about a desperate movie producer who fails to get a major star for his bargain basement film, knowing that he can't get the man he wants, he decides to shoot the film secretly around him.

The concept as a concept is very clever, it's written by Steve Martin and directed by Frank Oz. Steve Martin plays a movie producer 'Robert K Bowfinger' who in every sense of the word feels like a failure and is a failure. When he comes across a script he believes to be his ticket to success, he's eager to start production and get a big star involved who is played by 'Eddie Murphy' the flaw in this plan is that Kitt Ramsey (Eddie Murphy's character) is reluctant to being in the film.

But Bowfinger doesn't take no for an answer, and manages to fit him in bits of the film and work around it as part of a very well thought out plan.

I like to think of this film as a puzzle, the pieces are all apart and separated at the start of the film but very slowly and gragerly they form together. everything nicely fits into the film, the storytelling, the humour, the action, the drama, all of it. It's a very simplistic puzzle. so simple in fact you can just stick this movie on, and have no problems following it.


I have to say that 'Frank Oz' and 'Steve Martin' did a very good job with movie. It's great. I think they got a lot of things accurate and right. The whole working around being told no, and knowing not to give up, Bowfinger demonstrates the achievements of success and failure, so generally speaking this film gives off a nice image.

What disappoints me is that it had to end on a low note, I did think there was a lot more continuation need to be made, as there was time that could of been added to it.

The guest cast of it is good, It's refreshing to see Terrance Stamp and Robert Downey Jr in this film who are both fantastic performers in their own right. I only wish we'd see more of them.

The main cast were fantastic. They all seemed to put on great comical performances as you do watch the film and go 'this is to good to be true'.

Overall, happy with this film. Going to keep it short and say that Bowfinger bites the dust.


Thanks for reading this review. I will try to get one more review up this month, depends on how busy I am over the weekend.

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