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Review : THOR - The Dark World

Thor : The Dark World - The God of Thunder and his giant hammer return, In an all new adventure which will expand the knowledge of excited children and allow the audience to explore the MARVEL worlds of Thor. It's a comic strip on the big screen!

Hello Film Lovers

I would like to welcome you to my newest review, Thor 2 with a sub title of 'The Dark World'. I apologise I haven't been blogging as frequent this week. I was otherwise occupied with other important matters.

Just giving you all a note of warning, I won't be blogging as frequent as I have been over the past couple of months because I am going to be more concerned about complying my efforts in completing projects I got going on at college, than I will in  reviewing films. But I will try to get 1 or 2 review up each week. But just letting you know, there will be fewer reviews from now until after Christmas. I'm going to be very busy from this point on.

Now I got that out of the way and notified you all of that, I will go on to talking about Thor 2. The film is new to cinema's it came out last week during the 1/2 term break, and is doing brilliantly as far the box office is concerned. It's just a much better executed film in comparison to the last one. It's well polished, the story is much better, it's brilliant in 3D, and that's just some of many good things about this film.

Speaking as a person who is not a fan of the MARVEL legends, I have to say I am starting to invest in the MARVEL characters, which is surprising considering I had no interest in MARVEL before hand. I watched Iron Man 3 and loved it. I have now seen Thor 2 and loved that as well, so who knows maybe I'm on my way to becoming a true MARVEL fanatic, fingers crossed.

When going into Thor 2, a part of me did sort of get a sense of renationalisation, as it was starting that this is going to be a good film. It's not often that I get a gut feeling that I'm going to enjoy a film, but I did. I enjoyed it very much.

The start of the film, is brilliantly shot, very well timed and atmospheric and it starts off the story really strongly. As a viewer I was drawn into the story, quite quickly. However I also had to get into my head that the events that are happening in this film, are that based off a comic strip, therefore certain catastrophes taking place would be deliberately portrayed and set up to be over exaggerated or misplaced slightly to the human understanding. But when you have a big budget to create such amazing tricks in CGI - Go figure.

I loved the costumes and the make up, the two hand in hand were excellent. For me, that made me insure that what I was watching was believable, wonderfully authentic and very well atmospheric.

The acting I would say is one of the few points that lets this film down slightly, for instance Natalie Portman's lack of effort is so noticeable in her body language, I didn't sense any infusiam off her for this project throughout the entire course of this film. It's disappointing because you'd expect an actor or actress to make a good performance regardless of how they feel towards the production, this is the first time I have witnessed an actress's true lack of infusiam towards a project, and it was unpleasant and disappointing.

However Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston were excellent, I liked the Thor and Loki relationship. It's far more interesting to what Thor has going on with Jane Foster. And If Natalie Portman was so not bothered about performing, I would of liked it if Jane wasn't in it, and had Loki as the main companion, It was just mean Loki would get a lot more scene time and we'd get to see more scenes between him and Thor.

Anyway, Here is a quick clip which will hopefully excite. 

The atmosphere, I embraced from it was that of a 'Lord of the Rings' type fantasy, but in a good way. The way the costumes and world of Asguard was set up, it's quite similar to the city of Rivindale in 'The Hobbit'. It has an essence of period beauty to it, which to me captures my attention very quickly.

Time length wise, it dragged out a bit longer than it needed to. Nether the less, it stuck to the point and all action and battle sequences were necessary to what was going on in the story, so no complaints from me. But the golden time for doing a film is 100 minutes.

Overall, It is a very good film indeed, one of which families will enjoy.

I'll give it 7/10.

Thanks for reading this review.

NEXT : I will review 'Captain Philips' starring the one and only Tom Hanks. See you then!

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