Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Review : Elf

Elf : This is the story of an Elf. And his trip to the big city to find out who his father is.

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During the holiday season, I will be going through some of the personal favourite Christmas films that are here for us to enjoy, year in and year out. 

Elf is a fun, joyful, Christmas comedy that we've all come to know and love. Will Ferrell plays a young man, raised in the north pole by Santa's toy making elves.

As he grows up working in Santa's factory, Buddy feels that he's not very good at doing what all elves do best, and that is make toys. It is then he realises that he isn't an elf at all, and that he was put for adoption as a baby, his father never knew that he was born, and he embarks on a journey to New York to meet his father.

The plot of this film is not bad, and the pace of it is great, I think what makes this film so good is the humour. It is so unbelievably funny. The humour is so well co-ordinated into the story that it's a crucial part of what makes this film enjoyable.

I think sometimes, when making a comedy you have to make it out as if the film isn't funny in order to make it funny. Where as I think Elf is a film that isn't afraid of that. I think that it's just plain old silliness told at it's best and as far as audience's taste's are concerned this film is like marmite or jam on toast.

Here's a trailer.

As far as performances go, Will Ferrell does the usual light comedy performance to which we are all very used to nowadays. James Caan as well, more used to playing serious roles, can come out of his comfort zone and try new and different things to which I find to be a very good thing.

Quickly commenting on the story of 'Elf' the storyline is very straight forward enough to follow, however for me I do think that with this being a Christmas film, I don't feel the edge or sprite of Christmas captivated within this film. Yes you can argue that it tests the people's belief in Santa Claus, it demonstrates the magic of Christmas, and communication of Christmas with singing and togetherness. However I think though those things are good to have, It's not the best Christmas film, and not regarded as being one of the best Christmas films ever made.

However, let it not be said that Elf isn't a funny film. Because it is. Every joke is just as silly as the previous one. Will Ferrell is excellent in this, so is James Caan.

I will give Elf a 7/10.

NEXT ON THE CHRISTMAS LIST : Nativity. I will post a review of that on Friday the 13th of December 2013.  

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