Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Review : Home Alone

Home Alone :  A Family comedy which sees a family go off on holiday, but leave behind one member behind. Kevin. For Kevin it's going to be a Christmas to remember as he learns to live independently and tackle two aggravating burglars single handed.

So Home Alone, It's looked upon as being a classic these days. There's just something about this film that tends to get whoever watches it in a Christmas mood. I don't know what it is, but for some reason Home Alone just connects with its audience splendidly.

John Hughes and Chris Columbus present a family comedy, without a family. It's set in a white part of Chicago where we are introduced to the McCallister's (arguably the worst family ever) I say that because they are a family who gang up on an 8 year old boy, who isn't very much appreciated at the start of the film.
Anyway, the worst part of it is they stick him in the attic and leave the country without even knowing, they've missed anything. well nobody in this world is perfect.

We as the audience witness years of neglect and abuse take their tole on this small child. As he shows all the signs of becoming a sociopath like for instance : manipulation, talking to himself and trapping two non-violent criminals in a sadistic house of torture from which is funny from our point of view, but be taken on in other ways as going a bit too far.

But of course, this film is looked upon for those scenes in which the wet bandits are trying to infiltrate into Kevin's house and Kevin - a child, out smarts them every time. It clever how he sets up his traps, but he can know that the two burglars would proceed according to his plan, isn't fully well communicated, it just happens.

The two burglars themselves who are meant to be these aggressors in this film, are rubbish. The two of them must share half a brain cell between them, as they are simply bumbling idiots. who rob in houses in broad day light, wear fingerless gloves during a burglary, and are erashnonaly obsessed with one house.

Though what I will say, for what is an early 90's production. It isn't too bad. I've never looked upon it as being one of the best Christmas films ever. I just find the scenes in the house with the burglars and the traps entertaining, and that's really it. I don't have much of an interest in the plot.

The film stars Joe Pesci who some people will know as a slightly familiar face in 'Goodfellas' which if you haven't seen. I recommend you watch. Anyway he's approaching a comedic role to show off his diversity and show off his talents. Looking at his performance, he does look like a creeper. Especially when he's at the house disguised as a policeman, and he's looking around, you do get a distintion of 'what's he up to?' and whatever it is, it can't be good. It's a shame that that element of his character doesn't stay with him all the way through, but his performance is good enough for me.

Macaulay Culkin as 'Kevin McCallister' now all grown up, but at the time a child actor just getting his shine at fame. He will always be looked on by the public as Kevin, I'm sure where ever he goes he gets stopped in street for that role. He did it well, he brought the character that John Hughes created from paper to screen. That is an achievement in it's own right.

Chris Columbus of course directs. And what a great job he does as well. He really captivates the target audience and just does what he does best, directs.

Here's a trailer.

So all in all, what's to say about 'Home Alone' for me it is about families, it is about standing your ground, and it's set at Christmas. what could be a better time. Sometimes in life experience they way to appreciate something is to see what life is like without it.

I will give this film a 6/10.

NEXT : I will review 'The Snowman' and 'Father Christmas' double whammy but the two come in hand together. I will post the review on Wednesday the 18th of December 2013.

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