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Review : The Simpsons

The Simpsons Movie :  After Homer pollutes the town's water supply, Springfield is encased in a gigantic dome by the EPA and the Simpsons family are declared fugitives. From then on it's an adventure to see how Homer Simpson can save the day.


Hey Everyone

Welcome to my last film review of 2013. The Simpsons Movie. Why have I chosen to review this as my last review of 2013? I hear you ask. Basically because I've watched it recently and it got me thinking, this might be a worth while film to talk about, that I haven't talked about yet.

In retrospect, it is a very good film indeed. I can remember being immensely excited when I found out that this film was coming out when it was announced back in 2007. I love The Simpsons, was a devoted watcher and massive fan. To hear there was a feature length adventure coming out, back then to me it was unheard of.

I suppose the prospects of doing a film, were plausible. It was just an unexpected delight to know that there actually was a film such as this coming out. It gave me a reason to wait.

Having seen it. It does have it's faults in areas. However let it not be said that it's not a good film. It sets off on a real great pace, the storyline is good, it explores The Simpson family in more depth especially Homer.

This film sees The Simpsons going off on an adventure and Springfield is in it's worst jeopardy. It's about The Simpsons becoming the enemy, running away from their problems and then turning back to face them head on. It's essentially the same format of The Inbetweeners Movie, It's an extended episode.

Watching it today. My feelings for it have changed. I don't enjoy it as much as I used to. Which is shameful to admit but it's true. I think that's because I loved it so much that I've wearied it out. I am now sick to death of this bloody film. Haven't seen it in all of three years. I have sucked out all the juice from the carton and lead it bone dry.

The story itself, Its a good storyline for a film. But it does make me question is this storyline only adequate for a film?  I don't think this story would of worked so much as part of  a series for example.

Another problem with wearing it out is, it gets boring after a while. You know what's going to happen so what is the point of continuing with it. It's pointless.

The humour in this film, is typical yet controversial to what's going on with the plot as a comparison of being hilariously funny.

As far as the light comedy is concerned, it still has its moments. To start off with, when I first saw it certain jokes in this film were very clever and original and complied into the film brilliantly like The Spider pig gag and Homer's romance with the pig, it's obscene but funny. Now, it's not so entertaining.

Here's a trailer, just to break the ice.

I what is intriguing about The Simpsons Movie is, the fact that it makes out the people in government. the people in authority to be the bad guys. The ones with the power. That's communicated through Russ Gargills character.

He has schemes and plans to control the situation, which extends to a certain extent of him wanting to blow up Springfield. and not just that, him taking a pleasure in it. that's both artistic and evil at the same time.

Overall what can I say, The Simpsons are great, the show is fantastic.

This Movie, is a bit of a let down but you live and learn. 6/10.

Thanks for reading this review.

That's it for 2013.

See you in 2014, for many more upcoming reviews and recommendations.   

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