Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Review : The Grinch

It's the... the... the... the... THE GRINCH!


Hey everyone. 

Welcome to my latest review, today I am reviewing an adaptation of Dr Seuss's  'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' though this version the title is modified and cut down to being plain and simply just 'The Grinch'.

Jim Carrey stars as the iconic green hairy creature who lives on the top of mount crumpet and  by the way, hates Christmas.

This is another great Christmas Cracker to take pleasure in just sitting back, relaxing and enjoying it for what it is, a fun filled family adventure which appeals to children equally as it does to adults.  It's a Dr Seuss classic, taken from the book and brought to life on the big screen, and it's a live action movie which for me helps in terms of making the story more believable.

The actual look of Jim Carrey as The Grinch is fantastic, the make up and the costume are absolutely incredible it's exactly like the creature that Dr Seuss wrote up for the book, the make up looks authentic in terms of disguising Jim Carrey and making him be the character, physically as well as visually. It's obvious to us it's Jim Carrey in the costume, because of the charisma and energetic nostalgia that he brings to the role.

Some might argue he goes a little too over board, I do question sometimes how or why he makes out his character of The Grinch to be a ranting, screaming, raving loony. But his madness entertains Children, and makes them laugh. So if it didn't work, I would understand why people are startled by it. But the fact that it does work, confirms to me, that Jim Carrey plays the part of The Grinch so effortsly and confidently that it appeals to Children, and that's what is important. 

As far as keeping the story is concerned, the film certainly is extended to the point where extra scenes are added or scenes are extended to make this story a feature length movie. There is more depth to the character of The Grinch than one might anticipate having read the book. There isn't anything in the book I don't think about his upbringing or him being quite mental to be honest. But all that backdrop and depth to his character, shows there is more to The Grinch than we might not have known. This film dares to explore things further and add little elements to it to add a little more to the story.

Here's a clip.

This film never fails for me. It's near perfect. Me and my mum love this film and we have been from many a year. It always gives us pleasure to sit down with a blanket and a cup of tea and watch 'The Grinch'. It's a very well established, thought out, authentic production which stands out to Children.

There is every bit of Dr Suess in their, every little quirk and rhyme and the character development. You can't miss it.

Watch it because, it's your opportunity to actually see how a Dr Suess classic can go from being the words in a book to a well done live action film.

Overall, very happy.

I will give 'The Grinch' a 9/10.

That's that. That was my last Christmas movie review for now. I'll review a couple more next year. but for this year that's your lot. Thanks for reading this guys. 

Have an excellent Christmas whatever your doing and I will see you for my last review of 2013 on New Years Eve. 

NEXT : I will review The Simpsons Movie.

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