Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Review : The Snowman


The Snowman : We've all seen it. It fills us with joy and mischief around the holidays. The story of how one magical snowman comes to life before our very eyes and takes us all on a fantastic journey.

Hey Everyone

Welcome to another one of my many film reviews. Today I'm going to review something a little different to what I usually do. I'm going to try out a little experiment. 

This is the first of two mini reviews today, I'm reviewing The Snowman and Father Christmas. Of course I will review each one separately and talk about them how I always talk about a film. 

With this being a short film, this won't be a very long review. But I do have quite a bit to say about it.

The film starts off with an introduction by the one and only David Bowie,  It's very insightful and starts off the story of the snowman very well. 

What's great about the snowman is there is no dialogue, the story tells itself through pictures and music.  For those who know the story, we the audience are following the friendship between a boy who creates a snowman to which magically comes to life.

This story sets out to emotionally connect with it's audience, I think emotionally for me I was blown away by how great it was. It's funny, it's festive, jolly, sad in some places. It's a story which fills the gaps of all emotions we feel as an audience.

The duration of this film, is very quick. It's timed brilliantly. It doesn't take up too much of viewing time. It's just beginning, middle and end. very straight forwardly presented of a boys love for his snowman.

Overall the mood, the setting and music very much emotionally communicates with its audience to tell a very powerful and heartfelt genuine story.

Great film.


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