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Review : Muppet's Christmas Carol

 The Muppet's Christmas Carol

As Christmas day draws nearer and nearer, let us look back and reminisce in what stands out to be a national treasure. A classic Christmas twist on a Charles Dickens tale told in the way only The Muppet's can tell it.

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Welcome to my newest review, The Muppet's Christmas Carol.  Released back in 1992, The film stars The Muppet characters playing some of Charles Dickens most famous characters, and the stupendous Michael Caine playing Scrooge.

The plot is a basic retelling of the classic Dickens tale of Ebenezer Scrooge, miser extraordinaire. He is held accountable for his terrible dastardly ways during night-time visitations by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and future.  

They're have been many versions of this story told, and many ways the story can be interpreted. However It can only be told The Muppet way once. The Muppet Christmas Carol is a barrel of festive laughs, filled with festive enjoyment to Christmas, mixed humor to please both children and adults, very well constructed, the costumes are amazing, the sets and atmospheric lighting are both brilliant, the music - light and jolly in some places and very dark and gloomy in others. 

When presented in the presence of The Ghost of Christmas future , I really felt this sense of benevolent, chilling, haunting which gave me a chill first time I watched it as a six year old. 

This film has always got me in a Christmas mood, me and my whole family. This one is on the top of our lists of best Christmas films. We always watch it on Christmas Eve, as the nearer till Christmas - the better.

Going into detail. I've always liked and appreciated the mixture between human cast members and puppet cast members, It's good in a way it's not an all Muppet cast. Because puppets don't have the physicality of humans such as facial expressions. They are operated, and operated quite accordingly, but you never miss a trick with the way the puppets do work in the film.

Every song, for me is a winner. Majority of which are happy, jolly and as merry as can be. These songs are very easy to sing a long to and give something for the audience to have as part of their own participation to the film.

Here's a clip.

The ways in which the story tells itself, it goes accordingly to the way Dickens tells it originally, however it has a little extra fineness to it, such as the humor and chief wit and grit of it. It's fun and plays on the advantage that this is a family film for families to enjoy.

Michael Caine as Scrooge is superb casting, he does such a controlled and structured performance. He plays the character of Scrooge his way, menacing in some places, funny in others and emotionally undeveloped in some places of heart break and peril.

The Muppet's themselves as I said before are all great and work brilliantly in the film. I liked The Great Gonzo as Charles Dickins his role is to guide us through the story and its done so simply, Dickens story is very simplified down and its not so difficult to understand than having to comprehend, lets face it the complicated language of text, it is in the book.

Kermit the frog as Bob Cratchit, just simply brilliant and amazing and nothing to be expected less of.

If your reading this and it's your first Christmas as a family, and you don't know what to watch on Christmas Eve together. I recommend you watch this one.

It is a fun twist of a Dickens tale to which is brilliantly told, stays true to the original but has a lot of fun factor to it.


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