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Review : Johnny English - Reborn


Rowen Atkinson returns to the mimic James Bond role, of Johny English in this rather new approach of a movie. Johnny English Reborn.

Now this movie, is all very rather simplistic for me. Don't get me wrong, it's a good film. It's done very well in terms of delivering the laughs and the action together in one plot storyline. But having said that, it's all done very simply. It's as if the movie starts, you have your reintroductions, your dished out with the plot, you have the backdrop to the movie in the next scene where everything else kicks off, before you have to start to build to the climatic ending, problem gets solved, the end.

Obviously all Johnny English films take the mickey out of James Bond films, but not in such a way that it mocks them. Johnny English actually is a clown. For example mistaking the killer for a grandmother and again with the queen. Doing simple yet funny simple things, such as rather than climb over a fence that some guy managed to do miraculously well, English just uses the door. That's funny. Rather than climb down off a high building after the bad guy like Jame Bond would do, English takes the lift. 

These examples, just go to show though the character of Johnny English is based off James Bond, English is more of a nit wit. not stupid, he has common sense and acts like an agent, but he is a bit of a bumbler, makes things up as he goes along. Which by the time of 2011 was common for us as we just took that as being English's characteristics.

Rowen Atkinson, absolutely brilliant, comically funny yet presents himself to be anything but that. However the one that really struck me is the chap who played 'Tucker' - Daniel Kaluuya. He was really good. A lot of people don't like Tucker. I like Tucker, because he represents us the audience in some cases, as he's the one who carries the load, by load I mean story. And asks the questions and does all the supportive stuff a co-star would do. Though your attention is based on Rowen Atkinson because he's the star and in most of the scenes as the leading role. All of Tucker's scenes where great. I thought that the two worked really well together and overall a great performance in general.

So the summary of this film is that Johnny English has retired and is located in Tibet and in disgrace in MI-7 after a washed up mission in Mozambique. Out of the blue, he is summoned back to MI-7 to stop an agency of skilled assassins known as 'Vortex'.

Planning to kill the Chinese premier Xiang Ping. Johnny English is back in action with the support of the rookie Agent Tucker. But he is betrayed by someone that he would never expect.

As far as the humour is concerned, it did fail to make me laugh, but that doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy it. It's the sort of humour that I've always felt suits a certain group of people. With comedy you have a certain type suited to that particular piece of humour. I thought it all right. Could of been disastrous, but wasn't. 

My overall attitude to it was the gags are current and they work, but they don't make me laugh. They just fit into the storyline accordingly.

Here's a trailer.

Johnny English Reborn is a very good film, but it's not brilliant by any means. It's just easy viewing, clean cut, no messing about sort of mickey take really.

I will give it a 7/10.

Thanks very much for reading this review everybody.

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