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Review : Love Actually

Love Actually : A wonderful romantic comedy, which looks into the stories of different groups of characters.

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Today I am going to be reviewing 'Love Actually' a film, I haven't seen in a very long time. It's been a while. But me and this film go way back, I used to love watching this film at my Uncle's old house in Brighton. With a hot chocolate, biscuits and a warm fire. It was so good. Love Actually is one of my Uncle's favourite films, he's always had a liking for it, and it was on the television around Christmas time.

I hadn't long recently re watched this film. It's a very interesting film, not only on the basis that it's about love. But it's how different relationships co-inside with each other, and it's a film not just about one character but a group of characters and we are interested to know and follow their stories as we watch the film.

The script is extremely well written by Richard Curtis it's co-ordinated in such a way that people's attention span keep interested in it, all the way through. It's all very well having a laugh with it and having symphony for it. But for me it's all about being in the zone and keeping interested in it. If your not interested your wasting your time quite frankly. Love Actually actually stands out to me, as being a film which we can all relate to. We've all had awkward moments in romance, we've felt alone and that we could never find anyone. However it's films like this that fill up your sprite in a way.

The casting is excellent. To get people like Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Liam Neesan, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Martine McCutcheon, Rowan Atkinson and Bill Nighy all in a film together really appeals the audience, because if the story is poor, the strength and popularity of an actor might just be the films saving grace. with films, it's to do with two contributing factors. 

  1.  It depends on wither the story is any good or not. 
  2. It depends on who's in it. I for example like Bradley Cooper if Bradley Cooper was in something new, I'd naturally want to go and see it because he's in it.
So I do think Love Actually is one of these films where these two points just made, are very important and co-inside with it as a matter of it being successful or unsuccessful.

The Acting, I think is very good. The material in it is ok, not brilliant, just ok. In the structure and the way the film is presented. All the stories are different, and you just end up going back and forth. Intertwining with each one until finally all is concluded and you feel satisfied that all worked out well in the end.

Still of Martin Freeman and Joanna Page in Love Actually (2003)
To those of you who like this film a lot. I do understand why, because it does stand out to me personally as being a story with a really strong storyline and a great cast of characters, very carefully directed and shot dynamically and wonderfully told story.

Though there's multiple stories going on, it's not all that confusing to follow. It's all pretty clear and well written. But then Richard Curtis is a very good writer who came up with some fabulous story lines for this film, and this film is essentially 'his baby'. It's one of his best work I think. I have disliked some of Richard Curtis's stuff in the past, but putting that aside, he has produced some great work.

Here's a clip.

Scores? I will give 'Love Actually' 8/10.

Thanks for staying tuned folks.

See you again soon, where I will deliver more reviews and recommendations.

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