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Review : Jack Ryan - Shadow Recruit

Jack Ryan : Shadow Recruit - Jack Ryan A young covert CIA analyst with an intellect to match, uncovers a Russian plot to crash the U.S. economy with a terrorist attack.

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Welcome to another review, in today's review it is of the new action movie. Released in cinema's this Friday. 'Jack Ryan - Shadow Recruit'. Now there's something quite special about this film for me, because I went into it with quite low expectations. I didn't think it was going to be that great. It seemed to me like a mediocre type action film, which passes you by. When in effect, what it does is excite and engage the viewer in what's going on. I was on the edge of my seat, literally. It is an absolute thriller to watch.

It is non stop, It's one of those films that doesn't muck about. It's straight there, in the zone, perfectly passed. I was surprised for once as to how intense it actually was, it's not so intense it's in your face. It's very well co-ordinated and pieced together by Kenneth Branagh who acts in the film, as well as directs it.

As an actor, he's been someone who great presence in his performances. He never shies away from revealing his true colours when it comes to approaching complicated and challenging roles such as this. Which is why I feel it's more adequately appropriate to show off his skills as both an actor and a director.

This film is very easy to dismiss as being something like a one off. I have had a lot of people falsely speculate this, and haven't really gave it much of a chance. They just look at a poster or a clip and think 'oh not bothered with this' or 'it looks duff, I won't see that'. In the films defence it doesn't advertise itself to the full extent. 

Here is a poster design for 'Jack Ryan'.

As you can see, the poster design is very flamboyant and shows off itself well to be an action film. The title in a bold excessive font, the sub heading, the cast members, Chris Pine, Kevin Costoner, Keira Knightley, Chris Pine on a moterbike, building, dark blue and dark colours to set a mood, very graphic design.

To me as a member of the public viewing it, I do understand why its so easy to dismiss. What does it do wrong. It repeats what's been done before. Rather than go down a new root of presentation, The designers decide to mimic what has essentially been done multiple times before. It looks boring.

Again, as I said before in my 'Love Actually' review. The film also has that safety net of 'who's in it'. And partly sells itself on the strength and popularity of the actors in it. So it's on a very thin thread it would seem.

However knowing all this, I still went along to see it. I wanted to go and see it because I like action movies, I wanted to see what this was about, and other reasons like that. So I went to the cinema, watched it and liked it a lot. It amazed me how easily I got engaged with the storyline.

A plot summary for this film, is it's the basic new version of the saga of CIA analyst, Jack Ryan. It begins when Ryan was going to the London of Economics; and then 911 happened. He then enlists in the Marines and would go off to Afghanistan.

The chopper he was in got shot down and he suffered severe injuries that would require intense rehab. Whilst he was there, he grabs the attention of a man named Harper, who works for the CIA and would like him to finish his studies for a job on Wall Street so he can find out of any terrorist plot through their finances.

A few years later, Ryan finds anomalies in the accounts of a Russian named Cherevin. Jack thinks he should go to Russia to find out what's going on. Jack was told not to tell anyone who he is and that includes his girl friend Cathy. But she catches Jack in some lies which makes her doubt him. Jack goes to Russia and Cherevin assigns him someone to take care of him.

But when they're alone the man tries to kill Jack. So Jack kills him in defence. It becomes obvious that Cherevin is hiding something, but what? Jack then goes to meet him, and says he will bring his fiancé along. But Cathy shows up and Jack has to tell her the truth and Harper tells Jack Cathy has to go with him when she meets Cherevin. Jack doesn't want her to but Cathy goes regardless.

So that's a summary of the plot. Here is a clip to break the mood.

Final Thoughts on this movie. I liked it, It surprised me. But I didn't love it. It was very engaging to watch and I had fun, but I won't be buying it on DVD. 6/10

Thanks for reading this review peeps.

I'll see you next time for my next review which will be of 'Johnny English - Reborn'. I will post that review on Friday the 31st of January 2013.

Until then, goodbye.

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