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Review : Anchorman 2

Anchorman 2 : The Legend Continues - The news team is back in business. It's 1980 and things have changed over the last ten years. Some good changes, some bad. But the most important question is... What's become of Ron Burgundy?

Hey Everybody

Welcome to my review of Anchorman 2. It has been a little late coming I must admit. But fear not. My thoughts on the long awaited sequel, is here for you to read.

There is quite a gap between these two movies. The first one of course came out in 2004 and now we got this new film out in 2013/14.

Times have changed and things have moved on for Ron and company. And I shall be bluntly honest when I say that this film is totally and utterly daft. not near as good as the first one. There isn't really anything for me to go on, not really. With the first one there was the introduction to the character of Ron Burgundy, and the set up of the background with him. Now that's all been done, what is there left to do? the first one left off with such a good note It really did seem pointless of having an idea of doing a sequel. It seemed to me that it had been such a long time since the first film came out, what was the point off a sequel. It had passed its time.

When I saw the trailers, I thought 'Oh well, it's out now. I hope it's funny'. The intentions of seeing it were there. I had to go and see it to find out wither or not it was any good. After all If you haven't seen a film you can't make a judge of it.

Having seen it. It wasn't as bad as first impressions make out. The problem with it really is delivering the laughs and doing it well. Having set up your back drop which to be honest isn't that great. More or less every gag is the same gag from the last film. Though they point out things have moved on. I got news for you, they haven't. The characters are all still the completely unself aware, completely sexist, and racist.

There was one joke that really got on my nerves and that was the bit where Ron meets his new boss who is a African American, he takes a cretinised remark towards it. I didn't mind it the first time they did it. However they dragged that scene out completely, and they had him at dinner with her family doing unacceptable and really interracial remarks. This joke is very old. I know it has a period setting but doesn't mean it has to be period humour.

Anyway to cut things short. Here's a clip.

Anchorman 2 is not all bad. There are some good things in it. It does run away with itself and becomes quite daft and insanely brilliant. I end up admiring it and rejoicing in how much it's trying to be good, when in actual fact I hate it. It's one of those things where you love to hate.

Steve Carrell as Brick is just fantastic. I do believe he's funnier than Will Ferrell and Brick is a much better character than Ron Burgundy. Ron is iconic, but you got more flexibility with Brick in a sense that Ron doesn't.

Basically Ron Burgundy is an idiot. Who takes into account that live car chases and stupid dog shows attract attention to the passing viewer hence him saying 'what's the point of telling the people what they need to hear. Why can't we tell them what they want to hear'. So forth. It's his way of working around things to build himself up to the top of an organised establishment like GNN. After hitting rock bottom at the beginning of the film.

The main thing I do have to exclaim from this is the climatic celebrity cameo fight scene round 2. It's bigger, and better and more daft than before. More celebrities, more wow factor and in effect more pointless rubbish to drag the film out a little bit longer to fill the gaps. It has nothing to do with the story at all.

Is there more development brought to Ron's character. I would think so. I think the film is very well written to the extent of bringing Ron back after such a long time and then extending his development even further such. It wasn't so badly done that I hate it.

It's not bad. Anchorman 2. I'd recommend you watch it on line or wait til it's available on DVD. Don't waist your money and see it at the cinema.


NEXT : I will review Iron Man.

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