Thursday, 23 January 2014

Review : Long Walk To Freedom

This is the story of Nelson Mandela, and his Long Walk to Freedom.


Hi Everybody, Welcome to another Dr Film review. 

Today on the blog I will reviewing the incredibly moving and inspiring movie based on the life of one of the most motivational people in History 'Nelson Mandela' played to near perfection by Idris Elba, he has a wonderful talent of making the real man in Mandela come alive, which I think is what makes his performance the more genuine and unique.

The story is a chronicle of Nelson Mandela's life journey from his childhood in a rural village through to his inauguration as the first democratically elected president of South Africa.

It's good that the director and the producers actually took the time to explore the elements of Nelson Mandela's life. Especially the bits where he was in prison. As for me they are the key aspects of exploring the story. This is a man who is standing up to what he believes in. And in fact in the film there is a line where Idris Elba's Mandela says 'this is a cause I am willing to die for'. So the true embolism of Mandela's beliefs and what the film was about was included.  It just makes it all the more believable for the audience.

In addition to that the actual set up of the prison is very atmospheric, from the lighting, from the grounds to everything. pretty much. It was a fantastically set up establishment. What struck me about it was the overall impression it led me to believe. This wasn't a nice place to be in, it was a very depressing place to be in. It was in every sense a prison, a detention centre, a place where one did not feel safe. So the atmosphere that was led off from the prison in how looked and made you feel was very unnerving indeed.

The start to this film is brilliant. It sets off so effortsly It was very easy to just sit back and relax and embrace what was on the screen. Then once things got going and everything was set up so strongly, the film does start to loose confidence in places which is a shame. The middle was slow and dire and not all that great, then you got the bits in the prison which as I said before hand where excellent, brilliantly set up and shot. Then of course you have to start to build up to the ending which could of been developed better, the actual ending itself. Not bad, I think with a little bit more work done to it. It could of been a much smoother production from start to finish.

Here's a clip.

Final thoughts on this film, for me It's an incredibly sight fulfilling film. It's educational, It's factual and very inspiring to those who watch it. Because your experiencing a man's life achievements. Now Mr Mandela's passed away I think we can really take a step back and appreciate what he's done for South Africans all over the world. And say 'Thank You'.

So overall judging this as a film, I will give it a 7/10. Not bad, The plot has it's failings in parts.

Thanks very much for reading this review.

NEXT : I will review another Inspiring story again based on the life events of another man Soloman Northup. In "12 Years a Slave".

I will post that review on Friday the 24th of January 2013.  

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