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Review : Kick Ass 2


Kick Ass 2:  The continuation to the story, which started of by following a thought, that Dave Lizewski once had 'What if the world has a real superheros?'.

Hello Film Lovers

Today I will be reviewing Kick Ass 2. The sequel to Kick Ass, which I have already reviewed, and you all know that I enjoyed it, very much.

I'll start off this review by saying, that though I was sceptical about watching this film, I had a feeling that it there was going to be a good story, behind all the action and the joking and bloody violence. And much to my surprise there was a really decent story to Kick Ass 2, It mainly focus's on Mindy and who she is as a person, but alongside that, you have things going on with Dave and how he's egar to get back to being Kick Ass, and the impact he's caused both positive and negative.

You are presented with an intriguing villain, which is Chris from the first film. Who is angered by Kick Ass, after he killed his father. He becomes a character with a revenge agenda, and vows to get his revenge and become a super villain. He calls himself  'The Mother F*cker'.

And the story of this film, take place after Kick-Ass's insane bravery in the first film. It inspires many other people to form, a new wave of self-made masked crusaders. Together they form a club of new superhero's and leading these new hero's is a general badass madman - Colonel Stars and assisting him is his dog Stripes, After being neglected by Mindy, and egar to get back out there. Dave joins the group as Kick Ass, and joins them on patrol.

However The Mother F*cker, is raising an army of badass gangsters and fighters, to assist him in killing Kick Ass off. Colonel Stars and his group of amateur superheroes are hunted down one by one, till Chris gets close enough to finding out the identity of Kick Ass.

When the fate of Dave's life is at stake, blade-wielding Hit Girl is the only one, who can prevent Dave's annihilation. When we last saw Hit Girl, she was a junior assassin and young vigilante. Now in Kick Ass 2, the audience really to get more depth to Mindy's character. We get the chance to follow her story properly, we understand her struggle that she faces at High School. Also how she gets to understand her true identity, how she stops being Hit girl and tries to be Mindy. I really felt invested in Mindy's story, it was accomplished brilliantly in this film. The fault with Mindy's story being strong is that it's off putting, to the main character which is Kick Ass.

Judging by what the plot has to offer, it's sort of two stories in one. Overally though, it made sense, everything fitted into the story very well. You followed the characters, It was very well cast, very well directed, very well acted.

A Highlight I have from this film, and my absolute favourite scene is the scene where Mindy uses her puke ray device on three high school, to get back at them for making her feel insecure. I absolutely love that scene so much, not only is it hilariously funny, but it's also very well done, the effect of the vomit and diarrhoea was real enough for one audience member to believe it. It was for me, probably the highlight of the film.

I will say that this sequel really does open up, a several number of doors in comparison to the first film. It allows one to embrace what's going on and enjoy it for what it is. The action sequences in this film are really good, an example is the sequence with the van on the road and Mindy takes everyone out on her own, clean cut and to the point. which is always very good.

Though this film was good as a story, there are bits in it which are predictable. I knew certain things would happen, but it excited me how it was going to happen, for example Chris's death scene, there were hints towards how he would meet his demise, and when he does it just confirms what has already been mentioned before. That's just an example of one of the predictable things about this film, so that's another fault if you'd call it that, this film isn't fall on going surprising. There are certain things which play with the mind, but you know it will happen anyway.

So overall, what did I think. I thought Kick Ass 2 was all right. certainly does the first one some justice, it's always good to keep the audience wanting more of what is good. There are rumours speculating that should this film do well, in the box office, there will be a Kick Ass 3. That is something to which I say, "let's cross that bridge should we come it". I personally, don't wish to see, a Kick Ass 3, I don't see how it can continue, as Kick Ass 2 more or less raps up things with Mindy and Dave, in terms of their stories.

Would I recommend people go and see this, yes providing you don't mind bloody and gore and heavy violence and action.

I will give Kick Ass 2 - 7.5/10. not 8 or 9 because it didn't wow me as other films like 'Monsters University' or 'Wreck it Ralph' did. But still very good none the less.

Thank you for reading this review folks.

NEXT TIME : I will review the film of the summer 'The World's End'. So join me for a pint on Sunday the 18th of August 2013.

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