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Review : Side Effects

Side Effects : A story with a twist, which tells the audience about a young woman's world, which unravels when a drug prescribed by her psychiatrist, has unexpected and strange side effects.

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Welcome to another Dr Film review, Today I'm reviewing 'Side Effects' Written Scott Burns and Directed by Steven Soderbergh, and though some people may not know it, 'Side Effects' was to be Steven Soderbergh last film, as director.

The Film stars : Jude Law, Rooney Mara, Catherine Zeta Jones and Channing Tatum and essentially is lead to be a story, with surprises. Just when you think your following the story, a twist happens which sets off other twists happening, in the plot.

The Storyline encounters challenges and mixed opinion upon some of it's viewers, I suggest you take in a sample of opinion before you watch this film, like I did, just so you have an idea of thought in your mind, then once you've seen it, your allowed then to make up your own mind.

Young woman - Emily Taylor (Rooney Mara), is reunited with her husband, after he's spent time in prison. During the time her husband's been away, Emily becomes severely depressed, having moments such as emotional episodes and occasional suicide attempts. After conferring with her psychiatrist, Dr. Jonathan Banks (Jude Law), He sees it in best interests on the advice of Emily's previous doctor, to prescribe Emily, an experimental new medication called Ablixa.

It's only after Emily starts using these new drugs, that the plot starts to thicken, and the side effects of the drug lead to Emily to killing her husband whilst in a "sleepwalking" state. With Emily having no memory of what she has done, she is plea-bargained into mental hospital confinement and Dr. Banks' practise crumbling around him, though the case however seems closed.

Dr. Banks cannot accept full responsibility, and investigates further to clear his name. What follows is a dark quest that threatens to tear what's left of his life and career apart, as he discovers the diabolical truth, of this tragedy. So this film is in every sense of the world, a Mind Blender, it plays with the viewer, in what their lead to believe.  Which is why I recommend to those you haven't seen 'Side Effects' to gather up a basis of opinion before they see this film, and to be in the right frame of mind to watch it, as it isn't a film you can sit back and enjoy, you have to be in the mood to watch it.

Though there a lots of good things about 'Side Effects' the pacing of it, I might judge as being a bit slow, in between pieces there appears to be lots of padding, or moments where you feel the story doesn't go anywhere, progression is slow, the pacing of it isn't as good as it could be, there are times where I found myself having to keep up with the plot, which isn't neccacarly a bad thing, but it's not a good thing. The twist itself wasn't as good as I anticipated, towards the end, there are noticeable plot holes in the film, which degrade it.

For instance, the lesbian thing? That for me, didn't do the film a favour, forgive me, if I'm being judged as completely missing the point of the film, or that aspect of the story, but to me, that plot hole does degrade my liking to the story.

However, It's not all bad, some of the performances are really good. Jude Law - excellent performance, Jude Law is a fantastic actor. Catherine Zeta Jones, she does a lot more in 'Side Effects' than she does in 'Broken City', she put on a convincing performance and Rooney Mara as well, also did really well with what she had.

I should point out I wasn't so familiarised with Steven Soderbergh's directing, as I could of been. However I thought he was a good director for this sort of story. He was good at not giving too much away, he knows how to set the mood for scenes and most importantly, he gets the best out of his actors. 

 In a nutshell, 'Side Effects' is well cast, well directed, well set, the storytelling is complex, it has his moments and there are plot holes, but it does imply clever messages, and overall if your patient enough to go with it, you'll like it a lot.

I will give this film a 6/10, easy going.

Thank you for reading this review.

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