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Review - The Hangover

The Hangover - When four normal guys, take a trip to Las Vegas for a batchular party; three members of the party become lose from their about-to-be-wed friend during their drunken misadventures. then for the rest of the film they must retrace their steps in order to find him. 

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Welcome to my newest film review, which is 'The Hangover'. starring Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis and directed by Todd Philips. over the next 3 days, I will be reviewing all three Hangover movies to celebrate the trilogy coming to an end. and rapping things all up for the characters.

SPOILER ALERT :  If you don't wish for key aspects of the plot to be spoiled, then you may want to turn away now.

This film was released in the USA on the 2nd of June 2009, and was released in the UK on the 12th of June 2009. It is now available to buy on DVD worldwide.

The Story is about a wedding that is to be taken place between Doug Billings (Justin Bartha) and Tracy Garner (Sasha Barrese). Two days before the wedding, Doug, Tracey's Brother Alan (Zach Galifianakis) and Doug's friends Phil (Bradley Cooper) and Stu (Ed Helms) hop into Tracy's father's beloved Mercedes convertible for a 24-hour stag party in Las Vegas for the weekend. 

Phil, is a married high school teacher, has the same maturity level as his students when he's with his friends. Stu, is a dentist, and tends to worry about most matters, especially the opinions of  his controlling girlfriend Melissa (Rachael Harris). She very much disapproves of Stu's friends traditional male bonding rituals, so in order to avoid social awkwardness Stu has to lie to her about where he is going for the stag party.

Regardless of her vile attitude and her strict rules, Stu has intentions to eventually marry her, against the advice of his friends. And Alan seems to be the idiot of the three, however has a great knowledge of playing in casino's.

I enjoyed 'The Hangover' a lot, I did find it to be really funny. I didn't have a lot of expectations with 'The Hangover' first time that I watched it but It was something different, It was a great turn of events in which the three main characters have to retrace their steps in order for the audience to unlock what they have already done.

I liked the relationships presented between all the characters, and the three main characters, I thought that Bradley Cooper as 'Phil' was really good, Ed Helms was great, in the occasions where he showed frustration and argivasion it was really funny. Zach Galifianakis as 'Alan' was really good, he is good at playing less intelligent characters.

I thought all the atmospheric settings in Vegas were very vibrant and current to American comedy, so there's was convincing settings and I liked all the choice of settings, I thought they were very current and modern and so for that reason the sets were well chosen and worked well.

I wasn't so familiar with Todd Philips directing so I think had I been more familiar with Todd Philip's directing, I would have got the messages in the film more clearly. I had difficulty understanding the messages the first time I watched it, so for me the faults in The Hangover are down to the matter of understanding it and being familiar with the humour presented in it.

 In all fairness, The Hangover is good. I thought that the story presents great ideas, the choice of locations and the shots were well chosen and planned out precisely. 

I am going to give The Hangover 1 a 7/10

NEXT : I will continue my Hangover reviews with Part II, on Thursday the 30th of May 2013.

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