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Review : Goodfellas

Goodfellas - A Martin Scorsese movie, Ray Liotta loves the life of being a gangster from a very young age he decided he was going to be a gangster, and he joins in with the mafia and gets involved with a lot of deep, violent indentation.

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I'm here to today to talk to you about Goodfellas. a Martin Scorsese movie from 1990, based off a true story about Henry Hill played by Ray Liotta who from a very young age wanted to be a gangster. This film was completely alien to me, I only watched it for the first time over the weekend.

I watched this film in two parts, Part 1 I watched on Saturday night and Part 2 I watched the Sunday morning, the overall concencise of it if you like is Scorsese implicating the life of gangsters, and how everyone's a rat, could dob you in and how it's a dog eat dog world and all the rest of it. Its communicated through graphic violence, death, drug smuggling, money dealing you name it.

Like with Wolf of Wall Street, Ray Liotta takes the liberty of talking us through the film as a narrator. I should say I'm not a fan of narration. I like to figure things out for myself, and Goodfellas I felt was a film, that could be told of it accord without all the narration. I don't know how stupid Scorsese thinks his audience is, but that's two films I've seen him use, narration in the dialogue as part of the end script.

Strangely enough for me though, knowing all that. It worked. I actually liked the narration a lot. It helped me understand what was going on. It was a guide essentially, with the relevant backdrop we needed, Ray Liotta tells what we need to know, and that's it. that's all there is to it. Everything else is told by action, wither that be violent action, abuse, cursing, swearing, killing etc.

I love Joe Pesci in this, he is fabulous. His character is not a very nice person, he kills a lot of people and is very angry a lot of the time. But I loved it, I loved his performance, not once does he come out of character he was terrific. It's a shame in a way he never made it all the way to the end of this film, but never mind. There was a good use of not having anymore use of his character in the story, it's understandable.

In the end of course, Henry Hill goes into the witness protection programme and becomes an outsider with a new life. The aftermath to Goodfellas is good, information is given at the end as a what happened afterwards kind of thing, continues the story on before the credits.

The acting and the quality of this film, is just incredible there is not a bad member of the cast in it. The speeches are very coherent to the plot, the background and inquisitive depth is great. I mean seriously this film ticks a lot of the boxes and is in every sense of the word more than a good film.

It's one of Martin Scorsese's better films that he's made. What I liked the most was the insight into other aspects of life, these people maybe gangsters but they are good business men as well who know where to cut the chop, as it were. They may be nasty and narcotic but they are played to be that by the actors in a strong controlled professional sense of the word, like Robert De Niro did for instance.

If there was a note I would place to make it better it would be not to focus on lots of things all at once, It sort of went a bit too quick for my liking. It could of been done with a little bit more finer detail to make that closer to be a perfect film, having said that I love 'Goodfellas' it's in my Top 5 Favourite Movies and is one of Scorsese's best. 10/10

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