Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Review : Noah

Noah : We all know the story, its told in the bible that God gave Noah a warning that the world would be destroyed and that he must build an ark to protect the good from the wicked that was about to destroy and embellish the world. He also commanded him to round up two of every animal,etc. You know the rest.

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In today's review, I thought I'd talk about Noah, an epic action packed retelling of the story starring Russell Crowe as Noah. I have to say that Darren Aronofsky's imagery for this is really quite something. Its limitless in the ways he shows the great flood, and the importance of the story and how we know it and what we know combined with seeing it in his way which we don't know. If that makes sense.

I'm trying to say that the directing is well executed in terms of developing an epic retelling of the story. I mean you got a lot of famous faces in this, but that doesn't over shadow or shy away from the main purposes of the film too much. I don't think, What I do think is that we got a classic story and it's being retold in such a way that has never been seen before and we got famous faces to help persuade people to come and see it. 

I mean Russell Crowe as Noah, does a fantastic job. I thought he played the role very profoundly and dare I say is one of the most consumet of professionals out there. From what the trailers gathered it employed that this was going to be something big, and in all fairness it is. It's about a man being given a task to defend himself and ones he cares about, defending the ark from those who decease him like Ray Winstone's character who is a vile, grotesque sort of baddie. 

I thought the whole effect of the disaster was very well atmospherically done. It was authentic it had everything that there was to it. It was detailed, It was carefully shot. So the effects were brilliant. 

Putting all that aside. For me it was slow, the pacing of it was below par and didn't meet average expectations at all. The consistent dragging was annoying because it held back from the interesting stuff, there were some loose ends which were not tied up properly in order to make them coagulate with the ending and there for made me question the point of having them in there.

It was good on the effect side of thing, the acting and directing but everything else was a bit flimsy and therefore show me that this really isn't such a justified film after all. 5/10.

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