Friday, 18 April 2014

Review : The Wolf of Wall Street

Leonardo DiCaprio stars as the despicable, powerful and spiteful Jordan Belfort who builds an empire off his own back, Belfort is a corrupt stalk broker who steals money off good people and ripped them off, and only played ball to terms that better suited him. Based off a true story Martin Scorsese tells us the story of The Wolf of Wall Street.

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Welcome to my latest review. The Wolf of Wall Street, a film which took a hit by storm. It had a massive success rate in the cinema with an audience. All of which were mind blown by just how much power a man can have. the parties, the work, the lying, the corruption, the girls, the drugs, the money all of it. It's all inextricably linked.

Anyway. I hated this film, I honestly did. I rarely hate a film, so it's shocking that I should go into a Martin Scorsese film of all films and bitterly dislike it. Let me explain why.

So we got Leonardo DiCaprio talking us through what was going on, which I thought was unnecessary. It felt that this was a film that could be cleverly told of it's own accord so I was a felt down hearted to hear Leonardo DiCaprio talking us through the film. I could understand the reasoning for doing it, but for me It didn't start the film off on good levels. The backdrop to his character is something I felt could of been held onto to be referenced to a little bit later.

He has a girlfriend who he cheats on with this scank of a girl who's acting was unsatisfactory in my view, who Leonardo DiCaprio was only interested in because of her body and the fact that she could please him in the bedroom.

The voulgarness to it is just disgraceful. I was surrounded by a bunch of really nasty, fowl mouthed people who dare I say it were absolute A***holes. Just a load of nasty people you really wouldn't want to be around at all. Jonah Hill, I felt was quite up himself, he played the part reasonably well but it's the same stereotype role to what he does in all his comedy films playing the funnily looking fat guy.

I should say that the length of film, it seemed to last forever. 3 Hours was far too long. There was one point I actually felt like walking out, I got bored. This seriously was starting to become a film that was deeply drooling me to my bitter core.

But I suppose the actors must of done such a good job at playing a bunch of A***holes to make me feel that way, which proved to me that the acting was excellent. I mean  Matthew Mcconaughey and Leonardo DiCaprio were great together when they were sitting down at that table, and talking and Matthew Mcconaughey's giving him the low down of succeeding, very very convincing. Only professionals can act as well as they did. So it wasn't all bad, the acting was good. But I felt uncomfortable with the characters that were being portrayed.

All the shouting, yelling, swearing - don't even get me started on the swearing. This film holds the record for the amount of times the word 'F*ck' is used. 571 times, that's an average of 3.16 F*cks per minute. I mean goodness me. I was so tired by the end I wanted to never go to the cinema again.

Overall, This may seem like a bit rant and me sounding like I'm attacking this film. But with all due respect I'm not. I have the up most of respect of Martin Scorsese and his films, just this one proved to me that he isn't perfect. but then who is? - 4/10.

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