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Review : The Other Woman

The Other Woman - Three Women who have apparently dated the same guy, and the guy has stood them all up in some way which inclines that the three must join forces in order to get him back even worse. It's all about Girl power and the status of relationships, how a man should treat his woman.

Hey Everybody

Have you ever had one of those days when you know right from the start, it's not your day. I got that feeling watching The Other Woman, slightly over powered and curious by the film. I was tempted to go and see this when I heard it came out because my mum and my sisters wanted to see it and so that weirdly meant I had to come to. So I did, watched the film, It was okay. I'm sure this film can be enjoyed more by females in comparison to males. It's target audience is more based on women anyway, it's very adult and genuine.

It's very much about Girl power and the status of relationships, which we all can relate to and look into. Every Girl I'm sure has had some time where a man has screwed them over in whatever extreme context one would dare to put it. But It doesn't bother me so much, because I've never had a proper girlfriend before. I'm quite happy being single at the moment and therefore that part of the film doesn't interest me so much as it would to others.

What does interest me however is the concentration in the mannerism of directing, I thought this film was very well directed. It was quite a fluent piece of romance and drama which play on each other in a friendly playful way.

The story I thought flowed very well and coherently, It is a film in terms of it story telling does it's best to please everybody, the fun part of it essentially is Cameron Diaz and the other two girls getting back the guy they have all in common with. It's all about a playful revenge and they got him back, and very well to.

Now the first thing to say about it is Cameron Diaz and her acting is terrific, she's a real trier, very diverse always keane to try whatever is thrown at her. Obviously this showed potential to her otherwise she would of turned it down.

The second thing to say about it is the other two supporting actresses in it Leslie Mann and Kate Upton are great as well. Leslie Mann of course has been seen in many many other films similar to the contrast of something like this so there was no doubt in my mind that she'd be able to cut it.

Kate Upton is great, some of you may know her from : Tower Hiest or The Three Stooges.

One of many concerns was Nicki Minaj, as we all know very vibrant and expressive presents in the world of Music, can she act?

Here's a clip with Nicki Minaj and Cameron Diaz.

Chick Flicks eh? Who needs them. No but seriously, back to the point. I do believe and it has to be put out there as one of my concerns about this film. There is a problem with Nicki Minaj's acting. Which makes it much worse when you stand Nicki next to Cameron Diaz, like the clip you've seen now one of them is trying really hard and other is doing it because she is a learning professional who is naturally good at performing.

But that's not the worse part of the film, there are other bits which are bloody awful, but she just can not act. I mean goodness me, I've never seen anyone so wooden and fake in a film perform as bad as Nicki Minaj. Her acting skills are nowhere near as up to speck as Cameron Diaz's standards and it is a relief to the films standard that it gets round that problem.

But it's still disappointing because her character has a lot of great lines such as 'selfish people live longer'. It's a shame that someone else wasn't chosen for the role. But the film gets round the problem that one of its cast members isn't good enough as an actress. I mean it's all very well doing all the eccentric music stuff but when your stripped clean from all that and your in a new ball park, and your up opposite Cameron Diaz, it's really awkward and very tough.

But I'm not a snuff, The film is great in parts. I really like the aspects of it trying to be playful and boosts its effort of being enjoyable. It's entertainment at a cringe standard that we're all used to. It relates to everyday life and relationships and that's all good and well done.

But the world has established the fact that Nicki Minaj can't act, and if you want my thoughts Nicki stick to music - 5/10.

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