Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Review : Sunshine on Leith

Sunshine on Leith - a story about families and relationships and friendships all thrown into one big dynamic feel good film, which also happens to be a live sung through musical, which makes it all the more dynamically interesting to watch.

Hey everyone

Welcome to my newest review, I am trying to work round my schedule so three reviews can be updated to the blog a week. And of course, I've been to the cinema recently so there's always ideas of new things to review.

Anyway I watched Sunshine on Leith for the very first time, last weekend. I have to say I did know the nature of it before hand when it was out in the cinema, about the premise of it, what it was about, how it was a musical but with a Scottish connections, the actors are Scottish, it's set in Leith and it just has an overall rhythm and beat to it.

It was interesting. I'll admit that. I can't say that I didn't enjoy it, however there are lots I didn't like about this film and there was lots I did enjoy about this film. I think when watching it, it's unexplainable how the characters suddenly burst into song and wither there's any necessary need for it. It's not like Les Miserable where the characters sing everything. It is a part time, you get some acting in there as well as the razel dazzle in your face singing and dancing.

The story, there are loads of different sub plots in this film which all bind themselves together, they all work into the film nicely. I think it's just establishing to sum up what the story is about to a clueless audience who are eager to know. You got your families in there - tick, You got friendship in there - tick, You got relationships and different types of love - tick. There's tantrums and conflict and there's also light hearted humour and comedy to it.

Casting, I will be honest I was very aphriensive with the cast choices of certain characters. I won't name names, but I did establish that some of the actors couldn't sing, felt uncomfortable doing it and felt uncomfortable being told to do it. Some of the cast members could of been better, as in added a bit more charisma to their performance instead of just being plain and wooden. Then you have stronger professionals in there who are good to see and do good with what they have.

So my main gripes with this film are the acting and the singing and why the songs work as they do in the film. It's good in some cases like at the beginning when you got the boys at war and their singing, but there are other cases with the pub and people getting up on the table and singing and your just like 'how is this relevant?'

But I can have some symphony with Dexter Fletcher because I can understand what he was trying to do, he tried to make something fun, what's good about that is that it pays off and people enjoy it.

One thing I'll say about 'Sunshine on Leith' is that it is a very popular film with people. But not with me - 5/10.

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